According to the deputy UN chief, changing our eating habits is “a vital accelerator” for the 2030 development goals

Amina Mohammed, the UN’s Deputy Secretary-General, and the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy announced on Friday that countries will examine their progress towards changing food systems globally in Rome at a three-day meeting in July.

The high-level event coincides with the halfway mark in reaching the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which serve as a road map for a more just, egalitarian, and “green” world.

Enhancing livelihoods and lives 

“As we work to build a better future for people and the planet, I am looking forward to Italy’s leadership in bringing stakeholders together to create the proof that food techniques transformation is an essential SDGs accelerator,” said Ms. Mohammed. She emphasized that “more sustainable, equitable, healthy and resilient food systems directly impact people’s lives and livelihoods.”

The Stocktaking Moment will allow nations to maintain the pace necessary to create resilient food systems while exchanging success stories and early indications of transformation.

The UN (FAO) Food and Agriculture Organization offices in the Italian city will host it from July 24 to July 26.

Italy will serve as the host along with FAO and two other Rome-based UN organizations, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the (WFP) World Food Programme.

Additionally, organizers include the larger UN system and the UN Food Systems Coordination, which will assist states in designing and implementing agrifood system reform.

Contribution and Difficulties 

The three-day gathering will provide nations the chance to discuss their achievements since the Food Systems Summit, which was held virtually in September 2021 and at which 77 world leaders and more than 50,000 other participants vowed to speed up the reform of the food system.

The pre-summit was held in Rome, Italy, that July.

Even though the present global context has significantly changed, governments will evaluate their assistance in achieving sustainable development at the Stocktaking Moment.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on growing food costs, the UN states that the number of the public worldwide who cannot afford a healthful diet increased by an additional 112 million between 2019 and 2020, too close to 3.1 billion.

Grazie mille 

Antonio Tajani, who serves as the Deputy Prime Minister and International Cooperation, and Minister Foreign Affairs that Italy has appreciated its position as host and co-organizer.

He stated, “Italy is committed to playing an increasingly enthusiastic role in funding the efforts of the international community to publicize food security and innovative solutions for sustainable and efficient food strategies throughout the world.

To address one of the major obstacles standing in the way of the 2030 Agenda’s success, we intend to do our share as one of the oldest and greatly significant food cultures in the world.

‘Grab the opportunity.’

Before the Sustainable Development Goals Summit in September, the Stocktaking Moment will emphasize the crucial role that changes in the food systems have had in the overall advancement of the SDGs.

Italy and the UN urged nations and stakeholders to “prepare and grab the opportunity” to reaffirm the resolve of the international community to act swiftly by the SDGs’ promise.

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