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America will give nuclear submarines to Australia

America will give nuclear submarines to Australia

This plan is claimed to reduce China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific region.  Angry China. 

The heads of state of America, Australia and the United Kingdom are sitting in the meeting in San Diego.  From there, the new nuclear plan was announced.  In fact, this is the first project of the AUKUS alliance formed in 2021. 

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US President Joe Biden said that China is gradually increasing its power in the Indo-Pacific region.  Which is destroying the balance of power.  That is why there are plans to keep nuclear submarines on Australian beaches.  As a result, America thinks that China’s unilateral power in the area will decrease. 

The Prime Minister of Australia said that new projects will be started with the cooperation of the three countries.  This submarine will be made in American technology.  Australia and UK will build submarines. 

The AUKUS alliance was created in 2021 to reduce China’s power in the Indo-Pacific region.  China was still opposed to this alliance.  After learning of today’s decision, China again expressed its final objection.  According to China, Australia has no nuclear weapons.  Handing over nuclear power to non-nuclear states is against international law and treaties.  They think that the new project will increase the problem.  China requested to withdraw this decision quickly. 

Meanwhile, South Korea and America have started the largest joint military exercise in the Korean Sea.  In response to which North Korea is firing missiles one after another.  China is also not looking at this exercise well. 

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