Analyzing climate change in ecosystem 

Analyzing climate change in ecosystem 

Climate changes are long term unsolved concerns, which are making changes in the eco system. It includes natural, change in temperature and volcanic eruption, not only environment response for climate changes but we human beings are more responsible. Burning fossil fuels are one of the high damage causing emissions which leads to climate change.

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Causes of climate change

In the 19th century 2 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature were increased and in 2018 the degree of temperature was 1.3 Fahrenheit.

The main causes of green house gas is greenhouse gas that includes carbon dioxide, burning of fossil fuels.

Generating electricity from water and wind is a factor in causing greenhouse gas.

Manufacturing and producing industries like material, cement, coal, plastic, cloth, electronic, steel and mining became top in creating climate changes in the environment.

Change in season is one of the issues caused by cutting the trees and deforestation.The main source of rain is trees and also trees are a great source of intake of carbon dioxide and provide oxygen.

Current day to day life we use lot of transportation in might be through air, water and by road, the amount of pollution we cause, usage of petrol, diesel and oil to the vehicle thankfully we are trying to be environment friendly by producing battery vehicles.

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The amount of producing food like cattle, fishing, fertilizers we use to grow food causes harmful gasses which leads to climate changes.

In India we do use a lot of plastics in the name of buying products and foods when we use and throw them. Some are thrown in the water banks and lands even some plastic materials get burnt.

Carbon dioxide, methane, chloroform carbon, oxide are some of the harmful gasses which lead to climate changes.

The threats raised from these climate changes are increasing sea levels, melting polar ice, intense drought, pollution, earthquake, change in weather, land irrigation, coastal erosion, collapse in ecosystem, frequent cyclones, forest fires.

Energy, agriculture, land, building, transport and industries are some man-made sectors which lead to climate changes.

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