India moment explosively condemned the recent vandalization of three Hindu tabernacles in Australia and the graffiti on them which included the glorification of anti-India terrorists. Before, this month, the Swaminarayan tabernacle in Melbourne, the major Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple in Carrum Downs, Victoria and the ISKCON temple in Melbourne were defaced by ‘anti-social rudiments’ with anti-India graffiti. “

The frequency and immunity with which the defacers appear to be operating are intimidating, as are the graffiti which include the glorification of anti-Indian terrorists,” the Indian High Commission in Canberra said in an explosively articulated statement. 

The commission also noted that these incidents were clear attempts to sow abomination and division among the peaceful multi-faith and multi-cultural Indian- Australian community. The high commission stressed ”that pro-Khalistan rudiments are stepping up their conditioning in Australia, laboriously backed and abetted by members of interdicted terrorist organisations similar as the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) and other inimical agencies from outside Australia.”

“It’s hoped that not only will the perpetrators be brought to justice but suitable action will also be taken to help further attempts,” the statement said. In addition, the commission has conveyed enterprises about the so-called vote in Melbourne and Sydney, blazoned by the interdicted organisation, the Sikhs for Justice coming week. 

The High Commission prompted the Australian Government to insure the safety and security of members of the Indian community and their parcels in Australia and to not allow the use of Australian homes for conditioning mischievous to the territorial integrity, security and public interest of India. The Australian High Commission in New Delhi has also expressed concern over the incidents, saying the matters are under disquisition. “

Like India, Australia is a proud, multilateral country.” We’ve been shocked at the vandalization of two Hindu tabernacles in Melbourne, & Australian authorities are probing. Our strong support for freedom of expression doesn’t include hate speech or violence,” Australia’s High Commissioner to India Barry O’ Farrell tweeted recently. 

According to the 2011 survey, about 2,95,362 Australians were born in India and there were 3,90,894 responses for Indian strain. In 2011-12 Indians were the largest source of endless migration to Australia. Indians formed 15.7 percent of the total migration program in 2011-12, according to the information from the Indian High Commission in Canberra website.

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