Tipra Motha supremo meets Shah, post-poll alliance on cards?

The President of Tipra Motha Pradyot Debbarma sat in a discussion with Union Home Minister on Wednesday, after the swearing in ceremony of the newly formed Tripura Government. Debbarma said an interrogator will be appointed for finding a constitutional solution for the native people of Tripura.

 The Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with the President of the newly formed Tipra Motha party on Wednesday. After the meeting party president, Debbarma said the Union Home Minister has assured him of a constitutional solution for the indigenous people of Tripura.

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) national President J.P. Nadda and newly sworn in Tripura Chief Minister, Manik Saha were also present at the meeting. Taking to social media, Pradyut Debbarma said, “The Home Minister has started the process for a constitutional solution for the indigenous people of Tripura. An interlocutor for this process will be appointed and this will be within a specific time frame, I thank the Home Minister for understanding the genuine problems of the son of the soil”.

“We successfully got our Bru people rehabilitation in our state after 23 years by signing the Bru accord and today we have started a huge dialogue to ensure that our survival and existence are protected. Issues such as alliance and cabinet were never discussed only the interest of our dopha was discussed”, he said.

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 Tipra Motha Party, made by Pradyot Debbarma made its debut in the recently held assembly polls and to everyone’s surprise, it bagged 13 seats of 42 it contested in the 60 members Tripura assembly. It emerged as the largest opposition party in the Tripura Assembly.

Pradyut, a successor of the royal family of Tripura, had been asking for a “ constitutional solution”  for the local population of Tripura, and his main demand was for a separate state of Tiprasa. In its election manifesto, the party promised to fight for greater Tipraland and it earned the support of maximum of the local population.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of BJP in the Northeast Sambit Patra said Union Home Minister heard the issues raised by Debbarma with importance and requested Chief Minister Manik Saha, who was a part of the meeting, to hold talks with both regional parties IPFT, along with the TIPRA Motha and organizations, to find proper solutions to the problem.

Birth of Tirpa Motha

On the 25th of February 2021, Debabarma after resigning from the Congress party formed the TIPRA Motha party. The main aim of the party was to fight for the rights of indigenous people who were becoming a minority in their own land. The demand of the party was to create a separate state called ‘ Greater Tipraland’ in which the indigenous people will get all their rights and where their culture will be preserved. Although Debbarma was the former AICC President in the state of Tripura, he resigned from the party accusing the Congress high command of pressuring him to allocate corrupt people in the party. The TIPRA Motha now was the capability to lead the current indigenous politics in Tripura, but only if it remains determined to its ideology and continues to struggle for the local people. 

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