Global ranking of India in World Corruption Index

India stands 85 among 180 countries on the World Corruption Index, which is worrying. The corruption perceptions Index (CPI) is the highly used global corruption ranking in the world. It measures the corruption of a country’s public sector done by experts and business people.

The ranking is made on a scale of 0 to 100, where  0 is highly corrupt and 100 is clean. Except for Bhutan, all other neighboring countries of India have ranked lowest. Pakistan ranked at 140, by losing 16 spots.

The countries with the lowest scores are China (45), Pakistan (28), and Bangladesh (26). According to the rankings, Denmark, Finland, and New Zealand hold the first three places. The ones with the lowest ranks were Venezuela, Somalia, Syria, and South Sudan.

While corruption should vary in different ways in different countries,  all countries remain the same in public sector corruption. The main concern in the fight against corruption is ‘Human Rights’.

Countries with protected civil liberties score higher, while the ones that don’t follow them score lower. Moreover,  the global  Pandemic Covid-19 has also been a concern for controlling freedom.

In the case of India, which is with a constant rank, it is said that a few components could help in this matter.

The main concern is India’s democratic status and institutional checks. Journalists are at greater risk from attacks by police, political militants, and corrupt officials. The people who raise the question against them have to face the consequences of defamation, sedition, and hate speech.

The Western Europeans continue their struggles with transparency, while the Asian  Americans let corruption be unchecked.

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