BSF Apprehends Fifth Pakistani Drone

BSF Apprehends Fifth Pakistani Drone

Officials reported on Monday that the Border Security Force (BSF) apprehended another Pakistani drone in the past four days. The drone had infiltrated India from the International Border in Punjab with the intention of delivering a shipment of drugs.

In the Amritsar district of Punjab, near the International border with Pakistan, the Border Security Force (BSF) has discovered and seized a drone carrying approximately 2 kilograms of narcotics.

BSF Official Statements

According to an official statement, the BSF troops successfully prevented Pakistan’s malicious plan by shooting down a drone on the night of Monday, May 22, near Bhaini Rajputana village in the Amritsar district.

BSF Apprehends Fifth Pakistani Drone
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According to the statement, the BSF soldiers stationed in a designated area far from the border heard a faint buzzing noise that they believed came from a drone belonging to Pakistan. Following the established procedure, the BSF troops promptly responded by attempting to intercept the drone, and they were successful in shooting it down using the necessary equipment.

According to the report, it was mentioned that during a later investigation of the region, the Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers found a black drone (specifically, a DJI Matrice 300 RTK quadcopter) along with a shipment consisting of two packages believed to contain illegal drugs. 

These packages were connected to the drone using an iron ring.

Since May 19, there have been five instances where a drone vehicle was intercepted along the Punjab border. There is ongoing worry about the smuggling of drugs, money, weapons, and explosives into Indian territory from Pakistan via drones.

In 2022, the Border Security Force (BSF) managed to seize a total of 22 drones. 

The BSF’s responsibility lies in protecting the 553-kilometre-long Indo-Pakistan International Border in Punjab.

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