Bulldozers running over Mehrauli’s village Ladha Sarai

The High Court has put a stay on the action of encroachment in Mehrauli, Delhi, but before the stay, many people’s houses have been snatched. Those who were sleeping peacefully in their homes till yesterday, today do not have a roof over their heads. And they are spending the night under the open sky.

When bulldozers ran over houses in Mehrauli, it was as if people’s dreams were shattered. Due to the blows of the hammer and the blows the bulldozers, houses built up with years’ worth of earnings started collapsing and hundreds of people were seen breaking because of this pain.

However, the DDA alleges that the land on which the buildings are built has been encroached upon. People broke up seeing their houses getting broken. Within no time, the administration and the DDA team started protesting. During the chaos, the police had to use mild force.

People allege that when everything has happened in a legal manner, then how did illegal encroachment happen? On the petition of a person, Delhi High Court stayed the action of DDA till 16 February.

After the DDA officials did not listen. People stood in front of the bulldozers and started raising slogans. Some leaders of AAP also joined the protest and asked the people to protest solidarily. This made the police officers call in additional force and start dispersing the people.

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