China plans to end war, but Ukraine and West not ready for peace: Putin

China plans to end war, but Ukraine and West not ready for peace: Putin

The Russian President also mentioned that Russia still does not see any such ‘preparation’ from the side of Ukraine. 

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Image Source: Hindustan Times 

Russian President Vladimir Putin said China’s peace plan over Ukraine could end the ongoing war.  But to proceed with this plan, the “West and Kiev” should be ready first.  BBC news. 

On Tuesday (March 21), Russian President Putin discussed the Ukraine conflict and the development of Russia-China mutual relations with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Moscow. 

At a joint press conference between the two presidents after the talks, Putin said, “Many parts of the peace plan offered by China can be accepted as a basis for ending the conflict in Ukraine; but the West and Kiev must be ready for this first.” 

But on the other hand, Russia still does not see any such ‘preparation’, said the Russian President. 

At the press conference, Xi Jinping referred to China and Russia as ‘strong neighbors and comprehensive strategic partners’. 

China is neutral in the Ukraine conflict, the Chinese president said, adding that China is always in favor of solving problems through peace and negotiation. 

Earlier, China proposed 12 points to end the conflict and establish peace in Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund has decided to provide 15.6 billion dollars in loan assistance to Ukraine amid the prospect of improving China-Russia relations.  The IMF reached a preliminary agreement to provide Kiev with the massive four-year loan package after months of negotiations, Reuters reported.  Note that the United States has extensive control over this organization of the United Nations. 

The IMF said the loan would help shore up conflict-ravaged Ukraine.  According to the agency, Ukraine’s economy will grow from minus 3 to 1 percent in 2023 

Meanwhile, the US is stepping up military aid to Ukraine.  Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder told Reuters that the 31 Abrams battle tanks the United States plans to send to Ukraine by next fall will be delivered soon. 

In addition, on Monday (March 20) European Union (EU) countries also promised to send aid to Ukraine.  The EU has announced that it will send 1 million artillery rounds to Ukraine next year. 

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