Chinese airship sent to spy on the US, Blinken cancels his visit to China!

A Chinese blimp (airship) was seen floating in the skies of Montana, USA. Montana is a place where there are many US airbases, it is also the home to one of America’s nuclear missiles. A Chinese airship over a sensitive place like this rang an alarm of threat for America. 

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China is always accused of spying on its rival countries, and this issue has exposed the grievous intention of Jinping globally. 

This incident soared the already strained relationship between both countries, as a result, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken deferred his highly anticipated visit to China. The meeting of Blinken and Jinping was seen as very important for world peace and global issues. In this meeting, the US and China were going to talk about the issue of Taiwan, the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and the future of North Korea. 

As the meeting is hindered, it is very unlikely for the meeting to take place soon. America is very furious with China’s actions and has sought an answer for it. 

According to Reuters, a senior commander in the US Air Force asked permission to shoot down the balloon but was denied by the Pentagon citing that the falling debris from that airship could endanger the lives of people. 

China’s Call 

China claimed that the balloon was not an airship but a weather satellite that had blown off the course. Despite this claim, the Biden administration accused China of spying on them through a surveillance satellite. 

Reactions Within US 

The American Republican party criticized the Pentagon’s decision to not shoot the spying balloon. Former US President Donald Trump urged that the blimp should have been shot down for national security and secrecy. 

This issue can write a new chapter of hatred between the two nuclear powers. 

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