Delhi high court orders in the favor of jawaan movie 

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Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming Hindi movie is scheduled to hit the theaters on 2nd June of this year.

Atlee directed the movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi,Yogi Babu and Deepika Padukone as the lead and cameo role.

Recently the court issued an order to all the social media platforms stating that they should erase all the video and audio clips from their sites, otherwise the sites will be blocked.

About the court order:

On Tuesday the file was submitted in front of justice C.Hari Shankar,who had passed an order on leaked clips which was filled by red chillies entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Red chillies entertainment Pvt Ltd owned by Shah Rukh Khan and his wife gowri khan.

They had filed a case against social media platforms, saying leakage of clips from their movies,hence the fight and dance sequence are already leaked in the websites.

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The cour was advised to the social media platforms like Google,twitter,you tube, Instagram and other platforms that not to approach and approve these kinds of illegal activities.

And the court advised them to stop circulating the content in their websites,if any found their access will be blocked.

And also justice Hari Shankar passed an order to stop the content for download.

Every film works hard to successfully fit the theaters,but recording the movie and publishing on their unauthorized websites leads to the cancellation of their authority.

Hence before the movie release or after the movie release the social media platforms do not further copy, reproduce and distribute the copyright and protected materials.

And also the court expressed that publishing protected and copyrighted materials is equal to exploitation of the rights.


The noticeable thing was in November 2022 , a case was filed against Jawaan movie,stating the movie was a plagiarism of tamil movie Perarasu.

Manickam Narayanan filed a case for copying the movie and he owns the rights to the copied movie.

This case was under the allegations of tamil film production council.

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