Did the US blow up the Nord Stream pipeline? What could be its consequences?

Image Source: Danish Defense Command

Pulitzer award winner investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, submitted the report of his investigation in which he claimed that the CIA carried out bombings of the  Nord Streams on the order of the White House. In the report Hersh mentions that US navy divers planted bombs under the sea and destroyed three pipelies of the Nord stream in September last year.  

Soon after the attack, various countries reported gas leaks from the Nord Stream; the leak was also visible from outside Earth, revealed photographs from NASA. Later, a research by Sweden and Denmark found out that the Nord Stream was bombed deliberately, but it did not mention the name of the culprit behind this bombing. 

The leak in the pipeline caused an energy crisis in Europe, and also resulted in loss of thousands of dollars. Though the leak was fixed within a month, it became a major tension for the world.  

What is the Nord Stream?

The Nord Stream is a network of pipelines which transports natural gas from Russia to Europe. It is 1,224 km-long, running under the Baltic Sea from Vyborg in northwest Russia to Lubmin in northeastern Germany. It was a multi billion project established in 2005 and became operational in 2011. Today, it is the main source of gas supply for Europe. 

Seymour Hersh’s Investigation Report 

According to the report submitted by the veteran journalist who had previously worked with media giants like New York Times and New Yorker Magazine, the USA was very insecure with European countries getting dependent on Russia for gas. Hence, President Joe Biden began holding meetings with a newly formed task force including former members of CIA and other state departments. 

Biden believed that as long as countries of Europe will remain relying on Russia for natural gas, they will hesitate to fully help Ukraine in the war. So the US decided to bombard the gas pipeline and sought the help of the Norwegian Navy for executing the plan. Hersh writes that it was Norway only who informed the CIA about the most appropriate spot for sabotaging the pipeline. 

The other motive behind doing this attack was to malign the image of Russia after blaming them for the act, which they eventually did in reality. 

The Consequences for the US, if the Report is proven true!

America can find itself in grave trouble if all the claims made by Hersh are proven correct, it can be asked to pay a massive penalty for breaking the pipeline, can also be asked to give compensation to the European countries for the energy crisis they suffered and they will have to apologize to Russia on a serious note for their conspiracy of making Russia a villian. 

The biggest problem that America may suffer will be that the world would lose all the trust it has on Uncle Sam. The USA could be accused of fueling the war, increasing the tension between Russia and NATO and also for misusing Europe for its own benefits. America who is always accused of selling weapons to war hit nations will add another black mark to its name. 

US president Joe Biden could also suffer from the aftermath of the report politically, as the American people would become furious with him for maligning the image of their country globally, which will not be a good sign for Biden as the presidential elections are around the corner.


The report submitted by Hersh has given a new battleground to USA and Russia, no sooner did the report was came to light, the US government objected to its findings and called it as fake. 

On the other hand Russia is fully confident with the findings of the reports and calls it 100% truth. 

Let us see how the USA survives these allegations and if not then what will be the future role of America in the Russia-Ukraine war.

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