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Do you know that salwar kameez doesn’t belong from India the credit goes mughals to introduce these outfit in India. The word salwar originated from Persian and urdu word it meant to be loose cotton trouser, worn by women.

Word kameez took from late latin word camisia,Arabic word quamiz and English word chemise, a long tunic worn  by many people from south Asia Asia typically salwar or churidar. Kamiz meant yo be shirt. Were salwar kamiz discovered in Iran, before it know as Persia. It’s a national cloth of Iran. In earlier period salwar kameez wore by both men and women. These salwar aproximetly of 3 yards with that a belt attached with that tight the shoe near ankles. Wearing salwar was suitable for farmers so, while doing farming they were comfortable free movement and also can keep protect the spine region of your body it helps give support to your backbone.

Salwar are trousers which are a typically wide at the waist but which narrow to a cuffed bottom they are held by a drawstring or a elastic belt  which causes them to become pleated around the waist. The trouser can be wide and baggy , or they can cut narrow on the bias.these salwar specially wore wide region which includes eastern Europe, west Asia, central Asia and south asia region.

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Arab invasion 601AD-700AD

When arabs invaded in Persia, at that period people moulded salwar according to their convience, at time arrival of arabs in Persia many of the citizens converted  or adopted to muslims.after lots of battle in 1100AD to 1200AD arrival of dehli sultanate Islamic Turkish, then Iranian ruler after that mughals arrived in india, these way salwar kameez introduced in india.

Before only muslim women use to carry salwar kameez,afterwards women from Punjab community started wearing salwar kameez.before salwar kameez or punjabi suit, punjabi ghagra was traditional dress of Punjab which include scarf, kurta,suntan and ghagra. These ghagra introduced by chandatak of gupta era 319ce-467ce chandatak was very popular in gupta period it was wore till 7th century, after passing of time starting of wearing salwar kameez wore by punjabi ladies then after these trend spread in whole nation today every Indian ladies use to carry salwar kameez.these salwar kameez transformed life of many girls they can wore in school, working place,office, comfortable riding bicycles.

Types , variety and variations  

Anarkali suit,afganistan suit,peshwani salwar suit,balochi suit,phirhan,poots  salwar, punjabi suits, sindhi suit. in 1940’S&1950’S comfortable and loose salwar kamez coverted to tight hugging  body salwar kamez  in 1960’S&1970’S such as in 1980’S  jacket pattern kamez was in trend in 1990’S yash chopra’s  transparent fabric salwar kamez in 2000 it changed to patiyala and short kurta style was in fashion,its sure that salwar kameez never decreased its popularity because of its simplicity and it’s comfort.


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