Do you know on a historical day 24 January 1983 the sixth nizam Mehbub Ali Khan clicked a photograph with the prince of Austria archduke Ferdinand this was the first time introduced sherwani in front of the whole world.


The birth of sherwani came from Persian Cape which was called balba or Chapkan,coat looking like jamma seen first time in kushan’s  era afterwards automatically got discovered after a long time in 1600 A.D means 16 century at the time of mughal and rajputana  era given a new style Chapkan converted to achkan and once more sherwani came in trending fashion.

This coat reappeared in 16th century and were refashioned by the emperor akbar by removing slits. Rounding the hemline and increasing fullness of shirt. The new fashion called chakdaar jamma the interesting facts of new version was that hindu jamma was fastened on the left side but akbar ordered that Muslim should fastened jamma on right side to maintain distinction between two communities and respect for their different religious beliefs and practice it during akbar reign (1556-1605) that jumma became official court costume.

royal big buttons were placed, chest, waist and sleeves are tight fitted in upper body portions below the waist it becomes loose and flarrey and DECORATED with embroidery. At mughal and rajputana period these sherwani available in silk, malmal and zari pattern. In costly and royal fabrics,even today it took a permanent place in wardrobe of royal family.

Sherwani the royal legacy 
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British era 1858

By starting of British era sherwani came in another look, in these new look inspire of open jacket, the double breasted button and closed high neck (bandh galla) took its place the sixth nizam Mahmood Ali Khan famous for his collection of dresses and he never repeated his dress in whole life. In nizam upbringing there was effect of both the culture in one hand there was English British British effect and on second hand there was Indian tradition effect which clearly seen in their outfits.

While achkan is the gift of nobility from lucknow, hyderabad can lay claim on ownership of the sherwani was itself was a gradual evolution from angarakha.

Era (1880-1911)

The emperor of jodhpur maharaja Sri sardar Singh given a colonial design to these Indian sherwani named as linen design. Lining ,padding and by using tailoring represented sherwani in in new design which was versatile and smart in look.

In same period bandh galla (closed neck pattern) became popular pattern. And theif behind boxy collar shape these design inspired from western BLAZER, jodhpuri design in these era only which called as Indian texido credit goes to their shape and design. 

On the last stage of the British era 1945-1947 sherwani became symbol of pride at the period of national movement most  the freedom fighters has boycotted the British cloth and adopted sherwani, jawaharlal nehru and other political leaders generally used to carry sherwani.

After the independence of Pakistan, Mohammad ali jinnah frequently wore sherwani. Following him most of the people and government officials in Pakistan such as president and prime minister started to wear formal black sherwani over salwar quamiz general Muhammad Zia ul haq made it compulsory for all officers to wear sherwani on state occassions and national holidays.

Today’s trend

In today’s scenario fashion designers use to design sherwani for BOLLYWOOD actors, even popular outfits for Indian marriages because of its versatility, fit and because of global appeal not only Indian but also other parts of world it changed the vision of mens fashion.

International film starts such as vin diesel, nick jonas, Robert drow junior,sadrick Osborn, sadrack owusu, Ashton’s Kutcher the famous movie of 1997 the role of dr evil portrayed by Mike Myers of Austin power movie inspired of wear sherwani and famous black panther of marvel movie was inspired by jodhpuri sherwani, and even Ivanka trump wore indo western sherwani in India visit, Canadian prime minister justin shudo Trudeau and carried sherwani, evidence says that the magic of sherwani attracted everyone not only India but the whole world.

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