BJP and the road 2024 – Loose or History?

For some people, 2024 is far away and a distant dream but the political spectrums have started heating up. Parties across India have started preparing for the general elections which are going to be held in 2024 or other words “Chunaav ka bigool baj chuka hai”, The opposition has also geared up for an instance the Congress has come up … Read more

History of Bengali community

Do you know that in the rule of Nanda dynasty , the Alexander the great  defeated from Bengali community lets us find more interesting facts about Bengali community. Bengal or bangaal originated from Persian word bangle and it made by word vangla previously the region call as vangla Pradesh which today called as west Bengal. According to Arthaveda in 1000bc … Read more


HEAD GEARS AND TURBANS: A covering for the head worn by men. A turban is made by folding a long piece of cloth around head. Do you know in India there are more than 2000 types of head tiers? India is known for its variety of culture’s and traditions, pug, head tier or turban is one of the marvellous costumes … Read more

Wedding Season

In these  wedding season are you wating for bridal collection of sarees,ghagra and these session I’m going to represent variety of bridal dress collections,every religion in all over world having different styles of arrangements for marriages with different rituals. So obviously it will show diffrence in dresses also,our dresses also depends on theme of the function whether, haldi,mehndi,ladies sangeet.or … Read more


Abstract  Dharma and religion play an essential role in the lives of many people around the world. Dharma is a Sanskrit term that refers to the fundamental principles that govern the universe and human behavior. It is often translated as “duty,” “righteousness,” or “law,” and encompasses the moral and ethical principles that guide human conduct. Religion, on the other hand, … Read more

The untold truth about Money.

“Money I need money. Money is a symbol for ideals and possessions. Money serves as a medium for the exchange of commodities and services. In the twenty-first century, no one can survive without money. For monetary gain, people labour. In schools and universities, students study in order to make money. Only citizen taxes will be used to fund the government. … Read more

Sherwani the royal legacy 

Introduction Do you know on a historical day 24 January 1983 the sixth nizam Mehbub Ali Khan clicked a photograph with the prince of Austria archduke Ferdinand this was the first time introduced sherwani in front of the whole world. History  The birth of sherwani came from Persian Cape which was called balba or Chapkan,coat looking like jamma seen first … Read more

World water Day 2023 History, Significance, Theme

Water is at the core of sustainable development. It supports all aspects of life on the Earth, and access to safe and clean water is a basic human right. However, decades of mismanagement and misuse have intensified water stress, threatening the many aspects of life the depended on this crucial resource. World water day 2023: Theme     The focus of world … Read more

Variations in Dupatta

Introduction  Do you know that dupatta called as uttariya in ancient period were both man and woman use to carry it.were women use to cover their heads or carry on shoulder. Dupatta word originated from most ancient language sanskrit dupatta where du means double and patta means piece of cloth, dupatta define as a piece of cloth made of light … Read more

Scientist Discover Hidden Corridor in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Mr. Ahmed Issa, Minister of Tourism and antiquities of Egypt, commented that the passage is more than two meters wide and nine meters long. The researchers found a secret entrance inside Egypt’s Great Pyramid on Thursday, part of a seven-year collaborative research. Copyright: Nina Aldin Thune According to Egyptian antiquities officials, a secret corridor is discovered near the primary gate … Read more

History of kayastra community 

 The origin of word kayastra originated from were kaya means shakti or power astra means from inside these community contributed a lot in field of education and administration  without these community we can imagine the society of india.  So now let us know about glorious history and origin  of these communities. According to ancient writings and purans the rise of … Read more

History of Parsi community

They are followers of ahura mazda and believe in a single god Ahura means bhagwan (god) mazda means buddhi , its not a person but a power or positive energy let us find out some more interesting facts regarding the community. The word farasi originated from the word far as which was a dynasty the history of Parsi is much older … Read more

World Sleep Day-2023: History, Significance, Theme

World Sleep Day is observed annually on different date in March, and this year  date is March 17. Observation indicate that the data range from 10 to 20 March.  Even though the date differ from year to year.  It observed on Friday before spring Vernal Equinox of each year. This year it is  being celebrated on March 17, 2023 while … Read more


In this wedding season are you waiting for the bridal collection of sarees, ghagra, and jewelry in this session I’m going to represent a variety of bridal dress collections, every religion all over the world has different styles of arrangements for marriages with different rituals? So obviously it will show the difference in dresses also, our dresses also depend on … Read more

History of Bengali community.

Do you know that during the rule of the Nanda dynasty, Alexander the Great was defeated by the Bengali community? Let us find more interesting facts about the Bengali community. Bengal or bangle originated from the Persian word bangle and it was made by the word vangla previously the region was called Vangla Pradesh which is today called West Bengal. … Read more

History of Sindh community

It is believed that the Sindhi community took birth 5 lakh years ago in stone age. But the actual evidence of Sindhi’s we have is from 5000 years ago in the Indus Valley civilization, so here I’m going to discuss some interesting facts about the community. In the annual report of 1921–22 on the archaeological survey of India, the word … Read more

History and origin of Khasi tribe

What is the matrilineal system? Why Khasi tribe adopted these? Why do ancestors use the surname of their mothers? What is the relation or connection between the Khasi tribe with the Mount of heaven’s navel? how and when Khasi tribe got its origin? what is the belief birth of a community with the origin of the earth? Lets us find … Read more