Wedding Season

Wedding Season

In these  wedding season are you wating for bridal collection of sarees,ghagra and these session I’m going to represent variety of bridal dress collections,every religion in all over world having different styles of arrangements for marriages with different rituals.

So obviously it will show diffrence in dresses also,our dresses also depends on theme of the function whether, haldi,mehndi,ladies sangeet.or even venue where function going to be host .

Most of you heard about destination wedding which organized in palaces ,marriage hall or lawns with heavy decorations,where beach wedding is totally let’s see diffrence between followed trends in both marriage have a comparison.

At destination wedding bride use to wear beautiful covered with embroidery with, heavy work and jewellery such as mang tikka, reckless,ear rings with diamond stones, nathiya, decorative flowers in hairs(gajra), bajuband ,bangles,payal,bindiya and makeup (shringar) followed in Indian traditional wedding.

On another other side beach wedding in between beutiful nature of coastal area. Wedding organized near beaches very simple and shower, where bride use to wear light or white color gown inspite of golden jewellery use to wear small simple and shower chain with locket or necklaces made of pearls or shells like these wedding couples experience the memorable event.

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Do you know that cosmetology was the part of Indian culture from ancient times among these art forms such as painting,dance,drama,music, sculpture , makeup is also the part of among these 64art forms which was practiced in ancient times between 1500bce-500bce.

It is believed that ancient science of cosmetology born in Egypt or india we get some evidence of cosmetic products at the time of indus valley civilization were men and women were concern and possesive and aware for their looks.even in indus valley civilization women used kajal and eyelashes the method of making kajal was organic and natural method.

Aiside of asthetic appeal kajal was originally worn as a form of protection for the eyes.the believe was that darkening around the lids could sheild them from the harsh Ray’s of sun while protecting the person wearing it from nazar or the evil eye.

Cosmetic used not for only for outer buety but also for punya, aayush,aarogyam,anandam.

Maryan era to gupta era322bce-185bce and 543ce-300ce

The arthashastraa of kautaliya,kamsutra of vatsayan, abhiyan shakuntalam of kalidas and meghdoot like text defines how women use to carry makeup and use to practice cosmetics.

In his drama malvikagnimitram kalidas refers to paintings of cheeks, the forehead and lips of women with beautiful designs,

Particularly with the advent of was practiced in those days to cut thin and tender bhurja leaves in decorative form and designs and paste them on forehead.paints were also used to decorate forehead,cheek,neck,palms,toes etc. 

Visheshak,the word meant to be, by kalidas to color the body from different shades art of coloring of body the ingredients used such as gorochan, kasturi, kumkum, chandan were used,in malvikagnimitram the use of Alta used in coloring of legs, even kathak dancers carry Alta on legs during their performance which provides them coolness during dance.even today in Bengali weeding used Alta and chandan by the ancient dance form kathak Kali used to coloring of face which is a kind of visheshak or kind of art of body painting.

The another important element that was that was perfume do you know that the rig Veda written in 4500bc mentioned use of perfume in ancient times and there was combination of aroma therapy with aryurveda which called as gandhayukti or perfumery,the ancient India achieved their expertise and specialization in marketing perfume and 600 ad varamihir in his text vrihid samhita a single whole chapter written about perfume and aromas on 17th chapter in one of the sholaka the specialist of perfume maker by using only 16 ingredients by variety of proportion, permutations using different combinations prepared 174720diffrent types of perfume prepared at that era.

 Third important element was angaraga that was face makeup at the time of ancient period women used lodra powder and use to paint lips by different colour.

Haldi, beasan, cream,makkan used for facial makeup, even at those era people use nail polish to color nails and toes was very common, specialist of the work called as nakhalekhak.

Keshalankara which means art of dressing up the hair is an important component of makeup the Indian hairdo and hairstyle were popular all over the world as is evidence from sclupture and painting at different temples in belur,halebid,khajuraho,ajanta,sachi,barhut,etc.

Traditionally the area between eyebrows were bindi is placed is said to be sixth chakra ajna the seat of concealed wisdom.

The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concerntration. The bindi also represents third eye.

Even today makeup is very valuable as ancient period the only the difference is the in place of natural products the synthesised chemical took its place. But high society some women concern for skin care use chemical free or organic makeup products are their first choice.

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