The untold truth about Money.

The untold truth about Money.

“Money I need money. Money is a symbol for ideals and possessions. Money serves as a medium for the exchange of commodities and services. In the twenty-first century, no one can survive without money. For monetary gain, people labour. In schools and universities, students study in order to make money. Only citizen taxes will be used to fund the government. Either offline or online, people are paying their taxes with money.

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Each nation uses a unique form of money. There are 164 official national currencies in use on our globe. The dollar is a widely accepted form of payment. The dollar is the currency most commonly used in international trade and exchange. In a similar vein, there are rupees in India, yuan in China, yen in Japan, dinar in Kuwait, etc. The names, sizes, colours, and regions of each one vary, but the values are worthwhile. The world is regulated by money.

History of Money:

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Ancient coins for trading or exchanging good and services.

To buy or sell goods and services, ancient peoples utilised copper, gold, and silver coins as well as other objects.

Most barter systems date back to antiquity. Without using money, this entails exchanging products and services for other goods and services. Animal skin was used as a means of exchange by prehistoric people for goods and services. They’ll eventually start using coins.

The government, who rule the empire or that kingdom, has direct control over coins. The identity of each emperor’s coin varies.

Modern-days currency :

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Modern currency.

These days, money is a concern. Despite the fact that each nation has a distinct currency, the assets and values are generally equivalent. According to Section 22 of the Act, the RBI in India is able to print money. The RBI is in charge of all Indian banks. The Indian government has power over the RBI. It is an independent body.

“The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is under the Ministry of Finance in India. Dollar bills are printed by “The Bureau of Engraving and Printing” in the United States of America.

India’s first paper currency, the rupee, was introduced in January 1938. While Britain was in control, the RBI printed the rupee. The majority of estimates state that China was the first country in the world to introduce paper money. Upon its independence in 1950, India began issuing rupees in denominations of 2, 5, 10, and 100.

Untold truth about money:

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Dollar rule the world.

Why are dollars only used for trading?

Why world order will be decided under the control of USA?.

Why is America the richest country ever?

Why does America dominate the world?

Money makes many things” is the single word response. Whoever has more money has dominance over the other who doesn’t. The currency of choice for international trade is the dollar. The truth is that when a country exchanges its local currency for dollars or converts dollars into local currency, the US government receives a commission for the transaction. And the USA forced other nations to use their money for international trade. America is powerful on a global scale.

“Gaddafi was assassinated by the populace. The biggest covert factor is Gaddafi’s opposition to the use of the dollar as a global trading currency. He will persuade you on that point. Hence, by utilising the worldwide power, he will be rejected. Anyone who opposes the currency or the United States would suffer the same dire repercussions as Gaddafi did.

Money rules the world, and corporations rule the money. That means the corporations are ruling the entire world by using their money and global influence.

The World Bank is a bank that is owned by the governments of its member countries. They’ll decide the policy, influence, and membership issues. The World Bank gives loans to the country. They’ll say that the agenda of the World Bank is to reduce poverty around the world. The bank’s headquarters were located in the USA.

A second organisation made up of 190 nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), controls the global monetary system, economic expansion, and risk exposure of each nation. The USA served as the IMF’s country of origin.

Rupee trading at the global level:

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Rupee trading amoung the world.

Shaktikanta Das, the governor of the RBI, states that efforts to promote the rupee on a global scale will continue on January 20, 2023. We’ll arrange for the rupees to be utilised in foreign transactions.

Under the PM Narendra Modi era, this is all that has been accomplished. The dollarians, who want the dollar to govern the world, will be hurt by this. In order to combat the Americans, the current ruling party—which enacted the laws—will be overthrown.

A setting like this is also used in the BBC documentary. Why was the document leaked now, I wonder? Also, the recent coverage in foreign media will shine a light on Adnan’s true face. Both of these are significant blows for India’s ruling BJP party. The news is rapidly and widely disseminated. The resistance to the currency is what started the movement.

The US government is not in charge of itself since it is managed by humans who control the flow of money. The government is run by corporate America, whose owners include Adani, Ambani, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and others.

This is not the end because this is just a spoonful of information about the money.

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