Finally, Apple Music and TV Apps are available for Windows 11

Finally, Apple Music and TV Apps are available for Windows 11

Unfortunately, Windows 10 is not supported

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Apple Music and Apple TV official apps for Windows 11 have finally become available in beta form, as promised by Microsoft a year ago. The only choice for Windows remains iTunes, which Apple killed off for Mac in 2019—but not for long.

Apple appears to be prepared to release official Apple Music and Apple TV apps for customers using Windows 11 after only four years. And keep in mind that support for Windows 10 is not included; only the most recent release is covered.Although it’s not all good news, users may now download the official (but beta) Apple Music and Apple TV apps via the Microsoft shop.

Sadly, even though these applications are now finally accessible to consumers as a beta, Apple Insider noticed right away that they lack features and are only minimally functional.Even the Microsoft Store listing acknowledges this and includes the following warning:

“Because this is an early release of Apple Music, not all features may function as intended. Audiobooks or podcasts on this device won’t be accessible after installing the Apple Music preview since iTunes won’t open and a compatible version of iTunes won’t be available for some time”.

Additionally, the Apple TV+ app only supports standard 4K HDR content; it does not yet support Dolby Vision, Atmos, or HDR10+. Both apps lack a few key capabilities that PC users would notice, but we anticipate that they’ll soon receive upgrades and new functionality.

Users previously had to rely on the obsolete iTunes software, and to make matters worse, Apple TV+ could only be accessed through a web browser. There are now specialized programs available that work better with Windows 11 and offer a better user experience. Because products are still in beta, some users might find it advantageous to hold off until the official release.

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