First time in History, a trans man gets pregnant, the transgender couple to welcome their baby by March in Kerala

 A transgender couple in Kerala, Zahhad and Ziya had took to social media handles like Instagram that they are expecting their child by March this year. Ziya Paval who is a dancer announced in Instagram that her partner Zahhad is eight months pregnant with their child. They are expecting their child by March in Kozhikode, Kerala. This is reportedly the first trans pregnancy among transgender community in India. The couple is awaiting to embrace their parenthood.

The joy of the Parents is endless, they have been looking forward to see a healthy baby born from their own blood. It is indeed a most awaited moment for the couple as they are the first trans couple to give birth to their own child in history. Both Parents are in in-depth joy and gratitude towards the hospital authorities who are extending their endless support and prayers for the life that is about to appear on earth.

Interview given by the couples to Variety Media

Image credit – The Indian Express

The trans woman in the couple said that, there are many trans women and men who wish to become a mom or dad, its one of their dreams in most cases. “He was scared to face the society and how people will react to his pregnancy, but he is now in the extreme happiness and joy to become a father” said the wife of the trans man. It is indeed a proud moment in our lives said the Trans couples. “Trans” are the community in the society who are always left aside from the mainstream and they in turn live with the fear of the society.

Everything in society has a positive side too, when everyone in society takes things negatively, we must be strong on the decision that we take regardless of the society or people around. Trans man Zahhad says that, he never thought of giving birth to his own child, if he did, he wouldn’t have undergone breast removal surgeries and so on; this was truly unexpected.

There was indeed lots of circumstances undergone to reach this position, we have never thought it will reach till date, we had the intense within us and we had to take ensure that it is legal and ensure that the child will be born healthy and happy. The hospital they are going for consultation has given them good mental support and care to get a healthy child. They wait endlessly to see our child and their joy gives us intense joy and hope that we will get a healthy baby through his delivery in that hospital under the warmth and care of the nurses and Doctors.

In conclusion, these trans couples are creating history by being the first trans couples to give birth to their own child. They are expecting their child in the month of March with great hope and pleasure. It is indeed a proud moment for the couples, they said.

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