15 Students from the Hindu community at Pakistan’s Punjab University were attacked for celebrating Holi.

Hindu students protested after allegedly being attacked by a radical Islamic student body in the  Law College of Punjab University in Lahore. [Photo/Video credits: Twitter].

LAHORE: On Monday, students of Law College of Punjab University’s new campus were allegedly attacked by activists of Islami Jamiat Tulba (IJT) for celebrating Holi on the lawn of the college campus.

Lahore, Pakistan.

At least 15 students of the Hindu community were injured during the clash between the students of  Islami Jamait Tulba (IJT) and around 30 Hindu community students who were forced to stop the celebration. 

An FIR has been filed against the case. 

A few videos on social media have been viral showing a few students of the Hindu Community being thrashed in celebration of Holi.

There are some other videos on the internet as well showing security guards carrying buttons and thrashing these students of the Hindu community when they went to protest in front of the Vice Chancellor’s office for being forcibly stopped and attacked by IJT activists before even starting to celebrate.

General Secretary of The Sindhi Council Kashif Brohi said the members of the council with the students of the Hindu community had organized a small Holi celebration after taking the permission of the administration.

Whereas a PU spokesman said the administration had allowed the Hindu community members to observe the Holi celebration in a hall but they were conducting the activity in the open and the security guards came there to stop it.

He said the students were not allowed to hold the Holi celebration on the ground.

He said the students suffered minor injuries and disciplinary action would be taken against those involved in the clash.

He said the security staff did not attack the students but they were trying to stop the youngsters from approaching the VC office.

When inquired IJT spokesperson Ibrahim Shahid denied the allegations and said they did not stop minorities from celebrating their rituals. 

He said they were holding Dars-i-Quran on the campus and were not present there and students might be attacked by guards but it has nothing to do with them. 


The clash between the Hindu community students and activists of IJT has been registered and a letter to the administration has been submitted as well. 15 students amongst 30 students of the Hindu community and the Hindu Council have been injured in the clash at Punjab university and the administration promises to take action against the students involved.

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