Colors of Joy: Holi Celebration across the world               


Holi’, is a vibrant and colorful festival that is going to be celebrated around the world with boundless energy and enthusiasm.   

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The “Festival of colors” is here to celebrate! And on this occasion, the whole world is filled with excitement and joy. This is a time to celebrate the arrival of spring, new beginnings to nature and the victory of good over evil. Indians and people around the world have been waiting for this event.

Different countries have their own way of celebrating and enjoying ‘Holi’ and celebrations vary from country to country, with some places having grand processions.


Holi is primarily an Indian festival and is the biggest festival in the country. People celebrate by throwing colored powder, spraying colored water, dancing, and feasting on sweets. The celebration varies from state to state with hosting some traditional cultural events.


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image Source: India Tours

 In Nepal, Holi is celebrated as ‘’Fagu Purnima’’.People are celebrated in much the same way as it is in India. People throw colored powder and water at each other. They also celebrate this event by lighting bonfires.


Image Source: Bangladesh Post

 Holi is known as “Dol Jatra or Basanta Utsav” in the Bangladesh country and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The view is absolutely colorful and dances to traditional music.

United States:

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The Indian diaspora in the USA celebrates Holi with great passion, with many cities hosting public events where  people can throw colored powder, dance, sing and enjoy traditional food.

United Kingdom:

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The Britisher community is also on the front line to celebrate Holi with great joy. They have another level of joy and fondness for Holi by gathering to throw colored powder at each other and participate in cultural events.


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image source: World Hindu News

Australian people celebrate Holi with colorful events with great joy and enthusiasm. At this special event, they enjoyed food, dancing, singing, and many other cultural programs. Youth get more excited during this colored event.

Many other countries like Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad, and South Africa celebrates holi on huge extent of the crowd. Russians and Ukrainians also celebrated Holi in ISKON city Mayapur, thousands of kilometers away from the war zone.

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