It is crucial that peace must be restored. Russia-Ukraine war: India and the US

India and the US very much concur that the establishment of a lasting stability in Ukraine is necessary.

It is crucial that peace must be restored. Russia-Ukraine war: India and the US
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According to the Biden administration, India and the United States’ Very much agree’ that it is crucial to establish lasting peace in Ukraine. Ned Price, a spokeswoman for the State Department, said this to the media during his regular news conference. According to the news agency PTI, he stated that the US is cooperating closely with its supporters and partners, incorporating India, on the war in Ukraine and that the international community sees the need to hold Russia accountable.

“We wholeheartedly concur with India that the establishment of lasting stability in Ukraine is necessary. The same message was delivered by President (Volodymyr) Zelenskyy himself. He talked to the assembled world authorities at the G-20 and outlined his vision.

We appreciate India’s assistance to the Ukrainian people. India has offered humanitarian aid and made calls for a quick stop to Russia’s vicious conflict with Ukraine. We also wholeheartedly concur with Indian Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi’s claim that the modern era is not one of war, he continued.

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According to reports from PTI, Price added that the United States thinks nations like India, which has links with both Russia and Ukraine, could be able to help facilitate talks and the diplomacy that could have eventually put an end to this war.

During a discussion of recent events, he stated, “We dealt with the note of the Kremlin declaration that the Kremlin is willing to commit in dialogue, but only if the new territorial existences are acknowledged.

In response to Patriarch Kirill of Russia’s request, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday issued an order for a provisional reprieve in Ukraine on the eve of Orthodox Christmas.

Therefore, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar during his November visit to Moscow said “this war, in the aftermath of two years of the Covid pandemic, has resulted in substantial economic pain, especially to developing countries”.

The United States thinks that nations with ties to both Russia and Ukraine, including India, might be able to facilitate negotiations and diplomacy to eventually end this conflict.

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