G-20 focus on BLUE ECONOMY.

G-20 focus on BLUE ECONOMY.

The “Blue Economy” and the responsible use of machine learning (AI) will be the main topics of discussion during brainstorming process at the three-day Superior Audit Institutions-20 (SAI20) Participation Group delegates’ meeting, which begins on Monday. 

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Under India’s G-20 Presidency, Girish Chandra Murmu, the country’s Comptroller and Auditor Central (CAG), serves as the group’s chair. 

Blue economy:

The term “blue economy” refers to the ethical use of marine resources for job creation, improved livelihoods, and economic growth while protecting the ecology. A governance framework called responsible AI looks at how Iqa should be evaluated, how to effectively deploy them, and how to monitor them.

The framework can specify who is responsible for any unfavourable effects of AI, the CAG said in a statement.

The event will be attended by delegates from the G-20 member nations, special guests, and other international organisations. Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Oman, Oman, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates’ SAIs will also take part in person.

The SAI20 Engagement Group’s “Blue Economy” and “Responsible AI” work together, according to a previous proposal by the CAG. In Guwahati, he will address and introduce concept topics related to the two issues. The participants will talk about these areas from their own experiences.

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