Domestic abuse, feminism, and equal rights for women are subjects that are regularly discussed throughout the world. Most of us are aware of these problems at this point. Let’s talk about how our Indian society has helped to contribute to the threat of gender inequality in this article.  

How we are taught from a young age that a male has a higher stature than a woman. how we come to understand that girls and boys should be treated differently. We’ll also talk about why a man thinks a woman is an easy and convenient target for abuse. reasons a woman puts up with the abuser. Is this a matter of human or women’s rights? Well, let’s discuss.

If I ask you where a female is most unsafe in Indian society? most of us would answer that they are unsafe outside our houses when we are traveling to unknown places or among unknown people. I agree but the stats show otherwise.

Data Story : Domestic Violence Complaints In India - GS SCORE
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70% of all occurrences of physical abuse against females to date have taken place inside their own homes. And up to this point, 90% of all reported rape incidents have been committed by acquaintances inside the victim’s home. There is a greater probability that a female’s money will be taken from her inside the home without her knowledge than outside.

And all of these choices are made while seated at home because everyone in India has a large empire. Therefore, every family needs a guy to run their line. To maintain his empire, the person who is smoking a cigarette in debt also needs a successor and the information I’m giving you comes from both government and non-government organizations.

India’s population is now 48% female and additionally, 52% of the population is male (are subject to change). What then accounts for 48% of our population that has fallen to second place on people’s priorities? So its reason is simple, the weak one is always suppressed. 

Does that indicate girls are weak? No. It’s untrue. God created both boys and girls as equals. Kept both beings similar. Both of them have certain differences, but they are otherwise identical. Some differences are maintained, and they are maintained so that the reproduction cycle can work smoothly.

That decision is not made because of who will be the vice president, who will make the decision, who will operate the automobile and the plane, etc., or who will remain inside the house and who will be outdoors. If physical strength were important, then wrestlers would all be in charge of ruling the world. Girls are not therefore weak. Instead, they are intentionally made weak.

Empathy, inclusivity key to achieving gender equality – Monash Lens

Girls are weakened with careful preparation and the training for that starts from childhood. When the child is born and If it’s a girl. Barbie doll, kitchen, and house sets, the girls receive all cooperative and kind toys. When a boy is born, we give him guns, racing cars, and Superman toys. All aggressive and competitive games are provided. Children are not making this choice; it is made for them. “crying like a girl, acting like a girl, and fleeing like a girl “when the boy’s parents are explaining all of this to him his sister is therefore also listening to everything together with him. How will she react? A guy can wear a girl’s clothes, but vice versa the guy is considered too feminine or not manly enough.

Girls are told how to sit, where to go, and what time to get home at a certain age, however, guys have complete freedom. On roadways, a boy can urinate while unzipping his pants. That is a very common occurrence. On the other hand, it is extremely unusual for a girl to wear a skirt. Boys’ minds are dominated by this training since early childhood due to its intensity. They are capable of losing to anyone in the world, but they cannot stand to lose to a girl. The most vulnerable time for a boy is when a girl rejects him. A similar type of psychology comes to play when they rape or abuse women or even in domestic violence.

In our culture, women are given 5% of their dowries and sent to live with someone else. The son, the family’s heir, is in charge of the remaining 95% of the property. Domestic abuse affects one out of every three women. And if you observe, everybody who engages in violence does so to gain control of the situation. The same thing occurs here as well. They are financially distressed, and violence occurs to gain control over them. Violence has different forms. It varies from one house to the next. The type of harassment varies from house to house and might be physical, financial, or mental, but it is always done in a very organized way.

Male aggression, according to some, is the cause of this. On the other hand, there is no such thing as male aggression. Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, and Swami Vivekananda, no man was bigger than them but they never once showed aggression.

Three out of every five women have experienced violence. According to our constitution, this indicates that 33% of males are criminals; they are still present only because no one has objected. Any industrialized nation serves as a good example here because both boys and girls participate equally. No nation has advanced by rendering 48% of the population incompetent.

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Although it’s unlikely that the British were feeding us poison when we were slaves, they were likely doing the same, treating us unequally, and robbing us of our rights. We have engaged in a great number of significant battles because they were abusing us and after gaining that independence, we replicated what had happened to the 48% of our female population.

Our constitution declares that men and women are equal. but not by our culture! Either the constitution needs to be changed or society. Alternatively, society should acknowledge its mistakes. You must have concluded that only men are to blame after hearing all of this.

The Conclusion

Thus, it is false. Society’s way of thinking about everything we talked about is what we discussed in opposition to it. Both boys and girls have this way of thinking. Boys and girls alike strive against this way of thinking. We will also talk about the existence of fake feminism and the exploitation of boys, but none of these topics are related to women’s rights; rather, they are all related to human rights.

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