G-20 Foreign Ministers Meet in New Delhi: A Key Milestone for Global Cooperation

The Indian capital city of New Delhi is set to host the 2023 G-20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. The Group of Twenty, or G-20, is an international forum of the world’s largest economies, representing about 80% of global GDP. This meeting of foreign ministers from G-20 nations is an opportunity for them to discuss global economic issues and promote international cooperation.

Image source: The Economist

A Key Opportunity for India

Hosting this high-profile meeting is a significant opportunity for India to showcase its role in global affairs. The country has been increasingly active in international diplomacy in recent years, and its leadership will be keen to use this platform to strengthen its ties with other G-20 nations.

According to the External Affairs Ministry, India is preparing to host the foreign ministers meeting in a grand way. At the summit at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Culture Complex, 40 delegations are anticipated to attend, along with about thirty international organisations.

Discussions and Outcomes

During the meeting, foreign ministers are expected to discuss a range of issues affecting the global economy. Key topics on the agenda are likely to include climate change, trade and investment, and cooperation on issues related to health and technology. Participants are also expected to discuss ways to address challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the global economic recovery.

The meeting is also an opportunity for India to showcase its commitment to multilateralism and to take a leadership role in driving forward discussions on these key issues.The gathering will also centre on problems relating to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine’s effects on the global economy and development.

Dr. S. Jaishankar, minister of external affairs, will preside over two sessions at the event. Multilateralism and challenges relating to food and energy will be the main topics of the first session, while counterterrorism and drug trafficking will be the main topics of the second session, along with a focus on global talent pools and new and emerging dangers.


As one of the world’s largest economies, India is a key member of the G-20, and hosting the 2023 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting is an important opportunity for the country to play a leadership role on the global stage. The meeting is expected to draw significant international attention and could provide an important platform for India to strengthen its ties with other G-20 nations and to demonstrate its commitment to working with the international community to address key global challenges.

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