The area of rajasthan  the marwar called as maru Pradesh  the community stayed here called Marwari community , these community known for its business culture  let us find out their history.

The evidence of Marwari community  more than 5000 years old it is believe that that origin of Marwari community the son of lord rama the 4th ancestor of luv kush the son of vallabhdev , originated by maharaj agrasen.

In the account of maharshi garg , from 18 rishi(spiritual guru) from 18 sons had  18 yajnas(sacrifices) in the name of these 18 rishi’s originated 18 gotras , name of first son was garg.

Maharaja agraseen  ruled in Haryana till 108 years in agroha district  boost  his state with agriculture, business and with moral values, he gave balance scale (taraju) tu  shopkeepers  and taught use of weapon for self defence.  In these way kshtriya and vaishya started achieving growth. 

The growth of Marwari spead over agroha district to hisar district, 5000 years to 11th century ruled in agroha district. In 11th century by attacked in agroha by  mohammad gori . Marwari people started settling other state of india. Such as uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh specially in marwar region of rajasthan.they continued kshtriya with rajputs.

In 13th century allauddin khilji attacked in mewar. Moved their profession towards business. till arriving of 16th century some adopted vaishya caste . for spreading  the business they started moving  west Bengal, bihar, Orissa , Jharkhand getting settled.

Marwari Community: The long vision

Marwari community: an untold history more than 5000 year old
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Marwari known for its long vision  for the demand of timing they took interest as warrior and adopted business culture also, they started business as financer and sahukari , were seth mehtab chand called as godfather of Marwari in search of new opportunity of business he travelled nagaur to patna  started business of banking and finance.

They taught  business to every class of the society nawabs to common man.

1715 mughal samrath by farruksiyar announced seth manik  chand as nagar seth in 1723 samrat mahmood shah  seth fateh chand honored as jagat seth . after the downfall of mughals from bengal  in year 1830-1850  settled in Mumbai and 1870 in  Kolkata they started money lenders and trade broker  they funded the freedom movements.

The secret behind prosperity of Marwari community the tradition started by maharaja agrasen  to bring equality in society even today followed and exsist in Marwari society the needy person helped by member to society by 1 rupee by each person from community  so he can make his home re start his business no one feel burden and it represents good image of society. 

“padharo mhare  desh” welcome to our country “atithi devo bhava” guest is god these shows respect towards guest.  Marwari is a  business community  which also involved in social work,  politics, science, art, media and startup also, the surname associated with them airan, bansal, bindal, dharan, goyal, goyan, jindal, garg the famous slogan with Marwari jaha na pahuche relgadi waha pahuche Marwari. 

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