Gayawal panda community is that ancient community known for pind daan they relate their origin with gaya city bihar, the word panda originated from the word pundit which means pujari was gayawal means resident in Gaya, so let us find the story what is the origin behind the community? why they are associated with pind daan?

In the rule of shishunaga  rajavansh  around 400 bc there is mention of gayawal panda  maurya empier 322bc-185bc gupta 319-467ad the legends like kumarila bhatta, chanakya, ram Krishna param hansa, Chaitanya mahaprabhu  are belong from the community. 

According to Vishnu Purana there was a demon, evil(gayasur  ) who was a ruler, he un organised activities of swarga (heaven)hell(narak)yamraj transformed gayasur into large stone. Then after gaya became holy place for pind daan. 

The incarnation of lord Vishnu of swan from there there was the origin of uttaradi math and their follower’s appointed work of  pind daan  in this way gayawal panda took birth.

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It is believed that the first time in the time of satyug pind daan was done by brahma jii  in gaya, from that time gaya was considered as moksha bhumi , even lord rama did the pind daan of raja dashrath in gaya itself. In van parv of treta yug , battle of mahabharat the warriors died in battle they also had pind daan in Gaya. 

The panda community from there origin itself the host who comes to meet them maintain the records in the ancient period those records are called as bhoja patra after that they started using papers called panda pothi, in panda pothi record is written in three ways the name of the host, their address, business, or workplace and signature.

To keep safe both these pandas use special kinds of chemicals. They cover with a red cover or bag.

The interesting thing is that to maintain the record of their host they use a calendar published by Akbar which is called the Fasli calendar which is backward 590 years according to the Gregorian calendar. 

Gayawal Panda: In Mughal era 1526- 1858 and British era 1858-1947

There was no change in their work culture had good relations with every ruler even no change in lifestyle also even today they continue their traditional work of pind daan the changing of times in they are upgrading with new technology with the help of the internet either nri or those who can’t come to gaya for them they started their own websites

But with the passing of time, these communities are declining after that they have continued with their work. 

Because of covid 19, lockdown everything was stooped afterward they continued their work to give moksha through Pind daan for a century they are maintaining records of their host which is incredible.

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