Gorakhnath Temple’s Attacker Murtaza Abbasi Sentenced To Death 

Gorakhnath Temple’s Attacker Murtaza Abbasi Sentenced To Death 

A special NIA court on Monday handed death judgement to a man, Murtaza Abbasi, for attacking the security force at the notorious Gorakhnath tabernacle in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur. Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi, an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) graduate, was condemned by the court on Saturday.

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Murtaza was condemned by the court on charges of UAPA, waging war against the country and murderous attack. On April 3rd last year, Abbasi tried to forcefully enter the Gorakhnath tabernacle demesne and attacked the security force stationed there with a sickle, injuring two Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) policemen.

He was overpowered by the security force and latterly, arrested. The disquisition into the case was conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS). The incident caused an alarm in security circles as the temple demesne also houses Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s hearthstone as he’s head clerk of the same.

The strict Unlawful Conditioning Prevention Act (UAPA) was invoked against him after his arrest. While addressing the media, Prashant Kumar, fresh Director General of Police (Law and Order), Uttar Pradesh Police, said Abbasi was in touch with the fighters and sympathizers of the terror outfit Islamic State. Police said the accused intended to carry out a big operation after snatching munitions from the security force. 

“He conducted a lone wolf fatal attack at the southern gate of Gorakhnath tabernacle and tried to catch the rifle of security officers on duty. His intention was to conduct a big operation after snatching the armament,” ANI had quoted Kumar as saying.

During the disquisition, police said Abbasi transferred around Rs 8.5 lakh to support ISIS terror conditioning via organizations related to ISIS sympathizers in different countries in Europe and America. “He transferred colorful arms – AK47, M4 carbine and other bullet technology, via the internet,” Kumar had said.

He was arrested by Bengaluru Police in 2014 for being in connection with ISIS propaganda activist Mehdi Masroor Biswas. “He was influenced by terror organizations, radical priests and ISIS-terrorism promoters,” the ADG had further said.

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