How the opposition claiming “self-obsession” concerning the PM began a new game of both politics and cricket

Enhancing India-Australia cricket ties by the PMs of respective countries welcomes a fresh round of controversies from the opposition in India

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  • Border Gavaskar trophy
  • First test match
  • Felicitation of respective PMs
  • Doing rounds around the stadium in an unexpectedly greater turnover of audience
  • Fresh questions from the opposition

Ahead of the 4th test of the Border Gavaskar Trophy in Gujarat, India on Thursday, PM Narendra Modi and PM of Australia, Anthony Albanese met and took a round on the Narendra Modi stadium. Undoubtedly, the stadium was renamed after the current PM  in power has sparked critical questions amongst the opposition.

With the opposition claiming the center is beginning to create a strong foothold in an international forum that too in a celebrated sport like cricket, it has been a matter of earnest criticism. Besides, a video uploaded by the BCCI shows the entire ceremony wherein the two PMs along with an unexpected crowd turnout did a lap of honor across the ground. It was marked by the celebration of 75 years of India and Australia cricket ties.

Felicitations and much more

The entire celebration was marked by the presence and felicitation of the two PMs following which the match began. This calls for political diplomacy as claimed, where the ruling government has utilized the field of sports. In a country like India, where cricket is such a celebrated sport, the platform was quite sensitive to propagate this as a newsworthy issue. As per inside reports  “A record 100000 lakh people turned up at the stadium on the first day of the fourth Test. It shattered the previous record of Melbourne Cricket Ground, as 91, 092 people turned up to watch Ashes on day one of the Boxing Day Test 2013.”

Image Courtesy: NDTV

This matter could have been remaining simplified as a celebration of international bonding and strong cultural ties. Yet the renaming of the stadium and the felicitation rounds saw the opposition using self-obsession concerning the PM. Moreover, the PM has been considerably reluctant in addressing significant national issues facing crisis and has been thoroughly questioned. Contrarily, a BJP spokesperson in an India today programme listed the names of several universities and places named after Congress leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. However, the matter has been significantly sensationalized and put forth several questions about the inclusion of politics in sports and other international platforms.

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