Is cricket turning into just a money making machine?

In 2007, 1st edition of IPL (Indian premier league) got played in India and now it is one of the most popular league in the world. And now it is the year 2023 and BCCI is coming up with the women’s IPL. But what it is for? It was intended to give a platform to show their talent and learn from the best but looking at the result of Men’s IPL for 16 years it doesn’t seem true. Nowadays players give more importance to the IPL than international cricket. In 2023 ODI world cup going to happen in India in the month of October-November and there has been no news about what Indian team’s and BCCI’s planning regarding that.

How cricket have changed over the years?

Some of the players leave their national team in the month of April and May to play in the IPL. Every country plans its calendar according to it. Where it was intended to make the best come out of every player now it has become just a money making machine. Players nowadays are focused on “for how much they will be sold in the IPL”. In the past few years, it can be seen that international cricket is losing its importance by looking at the performance of teams at the international level. Players don’t look like fighting for the win.

Is so much competition good?

Competition is good but having to many options is not. For every place in Indian teams, there are more than 10 contenders which put unnecessary pressure on players. They don’t get enough matches to settle down before they got kicked out of the team for bad performance. In the 2021 T20 world cup India couldn’t even qualify for the knockout. The Indian team is controlled by BCCI, who has more money than all other cricket boards combined. After the 2011 world cup, in nearly 12 years India has played 7 limited over world cup and they couldn’t even won a single one and couldn’t qualify for the semifinal in 2 editions (2012 and 2022). And that too when the world’s most popular T20 league is played in India. 

Looking at this the question arises will women’s IPl be able to improve the condition of women’s cricket in India which is already in a very bad condition? IPL has turned cricketers into celebrities, now even if they don’t get a chance in the national team they can still earn well enough to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Women’s IPL will surely solve that problem for women’s cricketer who has been underpaid for a long time but will it be able to improve their performance at the national level? When we see it has not done enough for the men’s team. It has nearly been 10 years, 7 limited over world cup and 2 champions trophy, and India hasn’t won a single one.

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