Is it is right to idolize celebrities ?

There is no need to define what a celebrity is, since most people are very well acquainted with this term. These are the people, who appear often on the screen of our TV, about whom we read in the newspapers, and whom we follow on the social networks.Idolizing can be described as being obsessed with someone because you love them so much. Celebrities are a good example of it.

As technology continues to grow faster , influencers and celebrities have come to take benefits of social media platforms to elevate themselves and their brands.This has allowed for fans to closely follow the objects of their admiration at an even closer proximity. In turn, this has only made the opinions of those our society has deemed important more influential than ever.

Some may not see the problem with idolizing celebrities. But according to some studies it is found that it can be detrimental to children and especially teens in our society .Classifying beauty by a celebrities’ appearance or viewpoint is harmful. First, eveeyone need to understand that ‘true beauty’ comes from within. As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. Realizing that what one’s favorite celebrity is wearing, how good their makeup looks, what kind of car they drive, where they shop, etc., does not have anything to do with how that celebrity is on the inside nor should it determine popularity or likability.Celebrities are people. They make mistakes, say things in the heat of the moment and hurt other people’s feelings, just like anyone else. They are put under so much pressure by the public that at some point it becomes too much to handle and the image that they once had becomes distorted. The quote “If you didn’t hear it from them, don’t believe it” comes into play with situations like these, which is why it’s smarter to focus on yourself and learn from your own personal experiences or from those around you.

 We need to stop idolizing these people that we don’t really know and start paying attention to more important things. The media is flooded with article after article of celebrity gossip when we could be using those platforms to spread awareness about world issues or new scientific discoveries.

So while I don’t think it’s wrong to follow celebrities, I do think there needs to be mindfulness and balance in consuming their content. It’s important to identify what life YOU are building. Remembering that your life story, goals and relationships are uniquely yours can help to keep things in perspective.

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