The processing and distribution of data through computers, telecommunication, and digital Electronics are called Information Technology. This is the age of IT. This is the most commanding technology of the present age. And during the past decade, the Indian IT sector has been experiencing dramatic growth.

IT Sector Comparison of India and The USA
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It grew from RRs.4.7 billion in 1991 to RRs.755.47 billion in 2003, accounting for nearly 3% of the GDP. The earnings generated from software exports reached$10.4 a billion for the fiscal year 2003 with a 30% growth over the former time. In 2017, IT assistance profit was 160 billion bones and by 2020 it’s anticipated it’ll cross 200 billion bones. 

SEEPZ( Special Electronic processing zone)

SPEEZ is India’s first profitable zone which was erected in 1973 and also is India’s first IT demesne. From then India started making special profitable zones. In 1991, when the profitable liberalisation started in India IT assistance got booted from there.

In 1998 only 1.2 of India’s GDP came from the IT sector, but in 2018 around 8% of India’s GDP came from IT assistance. TCS( Tata consultancy services) is India’s largest IT company headquartered in Mumbai. Infosys is the second largest IT company and after that Wipro and both of these companies have their headquarters in Bangalore.

The fourth position is HCL( Hindustan computers limited) and the fifth position is enthralled by Tech- Mahindra which is headquartered in Pune and Noida independently. India indeed worked hard to achieve these great achievements in its IT sector.

On the other hand, America has the largest tech request in the world representing 32 of the total for approx.$1.7 trillion for 2020. In 2020, the United States tech sector contributed around 1.99 trillion US bones to the country’s overall gross domestic product making up approx.10.5 of the total GDP. Take workers to make up an estimated 7.7% of the overall US pool.

At $ 1.9 trillion the text sector accounts for an estimated 10% of the total US economy. The IT sector is the third largest sector of America after its Government and its manufacturing sector. There are more than 5,25,000 IT companies in America but few are the largest IT companies.

The largest IT company in the United States of America is Apple headquartered in Cupertino, California, USA, with a market value of 1,323 billion dollars and 1,47,000 employees. The second position is held by Microsoft corporation with a market value of 1,215 billion dollars and 1,56,439 employees.

The third position is occupied by Alphabet with a market value of 943.897 billion US dollars and 1,35,301 employees. In fourth position, it’s Amazon with a market value of 941.028 billion US dollars and 12,98,000 employees. In fifth position is Facebook with a market value of 1,070 billion dollars and 58,604 employees.

America in terms of information technology is one of the most powerful countries in the world. America’s IT sector, if compared to that of India’s, is designed with much higher technologies. But at present India is rising as one of the best countries in terms of information technology.

Start of the information technology sector had begun in America way before India but within a short period India has developed its IT sector in a very proper and amazing manner. America’s IT sector contributes a total of 10.5% to the country’s GDP growth whereas the IT sector of India contributes nearly 3% to the country’s GDP growth. 

Both the countries India and America have developed their information technology sectors to a very good extent. The only difference here is that India’s IT sector is still in its developing stage whereas America has its IT sector on the developed level. The IT sectors of both countries are commendable.

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