Legislative assembly elections in Karnataka

Legislative assembly elections scheduled to 10th of May 2023 and the counting of votes will be done on 13 th of May 2023. Election commission had arranged the voting polls near by government schools and colleges where public can easily appear for voting. Hence the transportation arranged for the officers who are at election duty.


The campaign of all the parties ended on 8th of May 2023 hence the prime minister made a controversial statement in the Kerala story that if the state is under congress it is equal to joining in terrorism and people had to worry. The complaint was filed and a warning letter was sent to the party.

The Congress party promised that there will be 2000 rupees for housewives, free transportation for women, reducing the price of gas cylinders and other amenities. They are a ruling party.

Hence it is an election day congress party started their voting with remembrance of high prices of gas cylinders.

The voting time was scheduled from 7am to 6pm, hence 26728053 male voters, 26400074 female voters, 4927 other genders were listed to vote. There were 58545 polling stations were made ready to cast the votes.

Totally 5313305 voters are eligible to cast their votes at legislative assembly elections.

In this 1171558 young voters, 571281 were disabled and 1215920 were aged 80.

There will be a ban of liquor shops due to election, election commission advised to close of pub and bars. There will no permission to service alcohol in restaurant. Hence these are made due to smooth and peaceful election and to prevent anti social activities.

High security arrangements had been arranged from the election commission for smooth functioning of voting, hence 58500 CRPF police, 84119 state police were at office in the polling stations.

Strictly not allowing the electric devices like Mobiles, Bluetooth, Cameras and others at the voting sites.

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