Let us talk about ovarian cancer

Let us talk about ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is a disease found in the woman ovaries where eggs are released every year of May 8th is celebrated as world ovarian cancer day to spread awareness among woman this ovarian cancer can multiply the tissue and quickly destroy the healthy body, which can lead to critical condition of a ovarian.

All we have to know about ovarian cancer:

Female productive system contains two ovaries at each sides the ovaries are almost sized, they produce estrogen and progesterone.

When the cancer in the ovary develops it won’t cause any noticeable symptoms in the beginning but when it gets developed it will be an uncommon symptom.

Likewise fatigue, back pain, urge of urination, discomfort in the pelvic, constipation, weight loss, feeling full, bloating and swelling are some of the symptoms.

This cancer is found in different types of women’s bodies, say stromal tumors, epithelial and germ cell tumors.

These kind of ovarian cancer is more common among old age women and

Majorly these are transferred from genes from the blood relations of those who have ovarian cancer.


Being overweight is also one of the reasons to get ovarian cancer Hormone replacement treatments are increasing the level of risk factors.

The age of menstruation started and ended and being not pregnant is one of the leading issues of ovarian cancer.

Mainisha Koirala, an Indian film actress, who always talked about cancer, she battled with ovarian cancer in 2012 undergoing treatment later in 2013 She declared as free from ovarian cancer.

Kathy bats an American actress, who was battling with ovarian cancer in 2003 ,later she declared free from ovarian cancer in 2004.

Cobic Smulders ,How I Met Your Mother actress, is battling ovarian cancer at the age of 25 and now she is seeking treatment.

Brandi Maxiell a TV host she suffered at the age of 24 and after treatments she declared as she is free from ovarian cancer in 2008.

Shannon Miller, an Olympic medalist, has been suffering from ovarian cancer since the age of 33,since she is under treatment and she travels countries to create awareness on ovarian cancer.

  Ovarian cancer is not a incurable stuff but it can curable discuss with your doctor what is happening to you, how are you feeling about your ovaries, if you feel something is not correct in your ovaries, bring immediately doctors notice take advice of taking birth control pills under doctor’s guidance because these pills can help in curing ovarian cancer.

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