“Recycling is not a secret to be discussed as a topic day by day by environmental activists. Recycling is a method of recovering and reprocessing old material into a new product. Well recycling is one of the effective methods to save the earth before it gets destroyed”


Recycling is very important, but it has a huge impact on the environment too. Harmful chemicals and gasses released from landfill sites cause huge pollution. Recycling helps in reducing the pollution caused by waste. Habitat destruction and global warming are some objectives of deforestation.

Recycling is important for both the environment and us. Hence we must act fast to decrease the amount of pollution caused by waste.

Reduce, recycle, and reuse:

Recycling is a positive energy to protect the earth which we live in today, but the new packaging is being developed and many are non-biodegradable. However, all of us have to practice soil waste management, recycling, and disposal management in our homes.

The healthiest form of recycling starts from the corner of our homes, for example using plastic bottles for decorations and gardening, using newspapers for gift wrapping, using aluminum foils for cleaning clothes, using cd’s and discs for home decor, using glass bottles to grow plants and using kitchen wastes for gardening. 

An article was found in The Economic Times, stating India Recycles 30 percent of 3.4 MT of plastic waste generated annually.

               Source: google 

Covid-19 and recycling:

Plastic industries contributed more to the healthcare sectors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not like other sectors which slowly declined interest in using plastics during a pandemic, but healthcare sector demanded tons of plastic based on personal protective equipment (likely face shields, gloves, bodysuits, masks, gowns, and goggles). However, most of these are single users and also non-eco-friendly in nature. Hence the disposal of these materials becomes more and is non-biodegradable.

Several initiatives were taken by the government and non-government entities to clear the waste caused due to covid-19.

Some the companies like Coca-Cola Foundation, Hindustan Unilever Limited, and HDFC Bank creating awareness of recycling to demolish plastic waste.


Recycling decreases pollution by reducing the manufacture of fresh materials and practicing recycling. There are a lot of other benefits we can get from recycling and stated above all the reasons to change the world from creating harm. Recycling should be practiced by all of us, that shows we still want a clean and healthy nation in which we live. It will start with you and me, avoid buying products made up of heavy plastics, reuse and recycle plastic bags, go green, and buy organic products. Let us create an opportunity for the upcoming generation to see how beautiful the earth is………

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