Life Cycle model in Software Engineering

Life Cycle model in Software Engineering

If you are fond of software, then you heard about pictorial and diagrammatic representation. A life cycle model in software engineering represents all the methods required to make the product through these life cycle stages. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the life cycle of Software Engineering. Keep reading.

The need for Software  Engineering Life Cycle Model

The software life cycle model is essential to develop the software development without using the model the product would not be a systematic and discipline manual. Meanwhile, the software development team can be used this model for better understanding among the team and a clear purpose. Otherwise, the plan would become futile without a life cycle.

For example, you are working in a software development company and you are one of the team members. From your team, one member is focusing on code for his or her part another person is working on testing documents, and some other engineers are working on the design phase which is assigned by the team leader to them. So, coordination doesn’t exist at all, resulting in project failure.

About Life Cycle Model

A software life cycle model represents the entry and exit criteria for each stage. So each stage is very important and must be fulfilled. Meanwhile, without a software life cycle model, the next stage would not be recognized. In the software, in the City, the project manager who is monitoring his or her team would be complex if they are not following the life cycle model.

Stages of Software Development Life Cycle Model

There is a total of six stages of the Software Development Life Cycle Model. From the below figure, you will get to know the cyclical process of the software development process.

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The following stages are included in this life cycle process as follow;

Stage 1 Planning and Requirement analysis

This is the most important and necessary stage in the life cycle. In this stage, the senior member of the team gives their best from all the stakeholders and domain export from the industry. The team member makes sure the planning for the quality assurance requirement in this initial stage. Before creating the product, a comprehension of the product plays a vital role here. The business analyst and the project organizer are equally important together with all the data based on the planning and analysis.

Stage 2 Defining Requirements

After the planning and requirement analysis, the next stage is defining software requirements and getting them accepted by the stakeholders. Software requirements specification document which considers product requirements called SRS.

Stage 3 Designing the Software

In this third stage, you should have all the knowledge of requirement analysis and design of the software project. This Stage plays a vital role because the design of the software gives the basic idea of how would be the product look after completion.

Stage 4 Developing the Project

In these four stages, The actual development of the project begins in the stage. Here the software developers should follow the coding system according to guidelines described by the management and programming tools. The software engineer should consider how to develop and implement the code.

Stage 5 Testing

On this page, we make sure that the products are solving the needs or not during the requirement stage. This page is all about testing, acceptance testing, and system testing.

Stage 5 Deployment

After the testing, based on the assessment the software may be considered or deployed.

Stage 6 Maintenance

After the completion of the testing and deployment then real problems and requirements come up in this stage which should be solved from time to time.

Final Thoughts

These are important stages we need to follow in Software Engineering Life Cycle Model. From the above article, we come to know that the Software life cycle model is essential to develop the software development, without using the model the product would not be a systematic and discipline manual.

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