Mental Health Awareness 

In a time when everyone is busy earning a living, mental health is the most ignored factor in life. Today’s generation is busy coping with negative competition and has forgotten that they need to take care of themselves. We usually stick to our tasks and sometimes do not even have time to notice the change in our own behaviour.

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Mental health can be defined as the state of mind of a person. It includes both the psychological and emotional well-being of a person. In the 21st century, when almost everything has modernized, mental health is still not understood by many. Mental health problems are still seen as normal mood swings or simply labelled as a person’s misbehavior. In India, where people treat other illnesses with medicines, they treat mental illness with taunts and stares.

WHO estimates that the burden of mental health problems in India is 2443 per 100 00 population; the age-adjusted suicide rate per 100 000 population is 21.1. In simple words we can say that around 6-7% of the Indian population suffers from mental disorders and only a small proportion of people may be treated. 

Mental health awareness is something that is essential to teach people of all ages. The mental illnesses and their symptoms should be thoroughly explained with their cures. The main problem we usually face is not having the courage to talk about it with someone or in public. The fear of not being understood makes us suffer more and more.

Our brain is the organ that controls all other organs and an unstable and disturbed psyche would affect the functioning of the whole body. People should be made aware of the importance of mental health and they should also learn how to treat a person who is going through such a disease. In my opinion, we can only create awareness if we talk about our problems as much as possible.

Where adults can speak about their problems to some extent, children of a very little age also go through many such issues like depression, child sexual abuse, etc. Their behaviour should be closely observed and in case anything is suspected, they should be provided with the relevant treatment and therapies. It is important to come up with proper treatment for children as childhood traumas can turn into lifetime suffering. 

Consequently, mental illness should be considered as a serious issue and should be treated like any other disease, talking about it should be made normal and people should be aware enough to help  each other in such a situation.

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