Dehydration is the topic poking our ears nowadays. Hence it is a summer illness caused due to heat. Dehydration is most common in younger to older people the one solution to solve the problem of dehydration is to intake more water.


Extreme heat in the hot summer can control our bodies. Dehydration occurs when our body loses water content. When our body feels insufficient water, dehydration will occur. A person should drink 10-14 glasses of water, but drinking 10-14 glasses of water may be difficult for most people. Hence we forget to drink water.

Our body naturally loses water through sweating and urination. Excess water loss can lead to serious problems.

Causes of dehydration:

Summer is the only reason for dehydration, hence this summer illness may lead to many other problems like headache, vomiting, diarrhea and excess sweating. More commonly the signs of dehydration are dry tongue, feeling thirsty, change of color in urine, feeling tired, low blood pressure, and intolerance towards heat.

The ideal way to prevent these problems is to drink enough water or intake a lot of fluids. when you feel thirsty you should not decline drinking water, this may be a sign of dehydration.

And a major problem that can be caused due to the hot sun is heat stroke. We have cooling systems in our bodies when the heat takes control over the cooling systems, Our body loses control of temperature. This is called heat stroke. This can be raised up to 106 degrees for more than 15 minutes.

How to get hydrated?

Many of us forget to drink water on an hourly basis not only in summer but on a daily basis. hence try to keep reminders to drink water.

Intake of fluid-rich foods and fruits that have more water content.

Try to avoid more outings on these hot days.

To keep hydrated, minimize caffeine intake and try to avoid spicy foods.

Instead of a heavy workout, try to do some workouts like yoga.

Try to incorporate a healthy diet into your regular routine.


Water is our best friend to get rid of dehydration. Up to 60 percent of our body contains water, when you feel thirsty it is a symbol of dehydration. So try to refill the hydration in your body. Drinking 14 glasses of water is not enough during this hot season, try to keep every part of the body hydrated.

Try to beat the heat and stay hydrated…

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