Digital transformation in India’s healthcare system

With digitalization entering into every sector, it has also entered and growing rapidly in the healthcare sector. Where startups like Practo and Medbuddy are providing online consultation to the patient on the other side startups like Pharmeasy and Netmeds are doing medicine delivery. Also existing players like Appolo, Max etc. are started providing online consultations. Going at this pace many medical services will be available online and hospitals will be available just for serious cases.

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In the older times, we all have seen long queues outside the medical store, in hospitals outside OPD and labs. All of these services are now available online and growing at a rapid pace. Many startups started doing online delivery of medicine and after the success of this business model, existing medicine distributors also started doing medicine home delivery.

The same happens with OPD, startups like Practo and Medbuddy implemented the idea of online consultation for basic needs. And after their success, existing healthcare service providers like Appolo and Max started giving online consultations. As a result, the queue outside medicine stores and OPD start decreasing. In some places, it still needs to get better but it is better than before.

Now, how laboratories have changed the game? Nowadays all of the labs provide the service of taking the sample from the comfort of your home. They will come to your home and take the sample. Some take charges for it some don’t. And they send your report by mail, or whatsapp. Now it’s not necessary to visit the lab for the test. It’s very beneficial for old age person who can’t travel that much. 

Healthcare service providers are doing their best to utilize technology for their benefit, but it still needs to get better, as it is about the data of patients. Last year in December hackers hacked the server of AIIMS Delhi. This is the place where one of the most high-profile patients get treated like ministers, bureaucrats and judges. Their data can affect the national security of the country. Every hospital is now using technology to provide services and manage the data, but with technology, risks are also associated. A data breach can steal every data from the servers. 

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