New Chattisgarh law attempts to shield journalists, media

As the second state after Maharashtra, to enact a law safeguarding media people, its exercise is surely expected to have a close inspection


  • New Chattisgarh law to shield people belonging to media
  • New definitions and scope attributed to media people
  • The legal framework of the bill
  • An eye-opener move for the state’s media industry
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Good news for media people right away! Freedom seems to be not a far cry as the Chattisgarh government is heading towards fulfilling its promise of protecting its “journalist friends”. This is a time when photojournalists are barred from venturing out from the country to collect a prestigious award.

Perpetual prosecution of people belonging to the media fraternity is reported vehemently from various parts of the country. Eventually, this is a breakthrough intervention worthy enough to pave its way significantly in the headlines of the media itself.

Chattisgarh CM was quoted saying that the Congress government which came to power in 2018 kept a promise and fulfilled it. This was directed toward the media industry in specific. He also ensured the enactment of the law in 2023 after the bill passed in the Legislative Assembly.

What does the Bill propose?

The bill extends adequate flexibility and recognition of people as belonging to the media industry. At the same time, it also ensures that they contribute significantly to the news-making process. Besides, certain factors about their protection are sufficiently figured out.

The media people ought to establish their identity by working fearlessly and contributing as per their optimal potential. This protection is also extended to acts of illegal prosecution of journalists.

This calls for a transparent picture in journalism. There would be more free flow of information and content from one place to another. It would ensure wider accessibility and reporting news sans bias. A senior journalist was quoted saying that it might do enough justice to adequately serve the intent of the law.

The government officials who will be in denial of the applicability of this law shall be eventually fined for neglecting their duty of implementing the law and order

Drawbacks of the Law

The formulation of the bill may be done but the actual implementation and exercise of the same are yet to be realized. Critics might argue that the identification of people does not lie in the hands of the committee formulating the law. It is in the hands of the state which might create problems in recognizing the same. Reporting in Maoist interventions may seem to be equally challenging. Thus, the efficiency of implementing and exercising this law is quite a far cry. 

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