New year, Old us! conquering 2023 with New approaches… 

Yes, yes we got you! it’s that time of the year when everyone across you is jamming your feeds with Goodbye 2022 posts and planning to welcome the new year with new resolutions. Some are planning grand parties while few are taking an absolute resolve from partying the night away and forming better and healthy lifestyles.

A dilemma remains for the people like us who are in a state of confusion. We are neither too excited nor so gloomy. We do want to make changes in our lifestyle may be not drastically but little changes in a consistent mode that has larger impacts in the long run. Let’s look into some tiny steps that can help us in making our lives better in the upcoming year –

Learning to say NO…

We all are somewhere guilty of accepting a work or an offer with a yes when we must have said no!

I know it’s not an easy thing to do, but while already have dozens of things to do on my list. One must stay aware of their capacity to work and reach deadlines on time. So, oftentimes it’s important to say NO, for the sake of your well-being and quality of work.

Setting up healthy boundaries…

It may sound like a hard-to-do task or maybe something impossible at times. But it is one of the essential skills for your mental health. There are times when people around you either at work or in the family take you for granted.

You may be facing irrational behavior and ill-treatment. These things hurt you inside and they are recurring in nature, that is the time you need to take a stand for yourself. Have a mature and healthy discussion on the things that bother you and make the person understand how you would like to be treated on the particular aspect.

Taking breaks and detoxing…

I can vouch for this particular step. We are so stuck in the loop of our daily routine, that sometimes we feel like there is no escape! The good news is there are multiple escapes, you need to choose them in timely and wisely. Taking a 15-20 minutes break from the hustle and reflecting on your thoughts might help you throughout the day.

Taking a break from social media will help you with digital detoxification while gifting you some extra moments of relief and bonus time! Going for vacations or long drives while leaving behind your worries for a few days/weeks will immensely help you in re-energizing well.

Do what you love more often…

“Do what you love. Love what you do” this is quoted by some wise being who knows that the secret of a happy life lies within our daily routine. Few of us are lucky to choose what we love as our profession, and many of us feel stuck in a 9-5 job loop and eagerly wait for holidays/weekends and then end up wasting these precious time breaks as a lazy sleepy couch potatoes.

Try and inculcate your fav hobbies either in your daily routine- wake up early and do your favorite activity first or keep the weekends booked for the same, join weekend classes of your favorite activity, and spend more time doing the things you admire.

Have Faith, Keep Realistic Goals, Share what you feel more often with your close ones, and keep smiling there are thousands of things to be grateful for 🙂

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