Online shopping v/s retail shopping

Online shopping v/s retail shopping


Online shopping is nothing but the purchase and sales process happens through online platforms whereas retail shopping is where we purchase and sell the goods through physical stores.

The one thing we have to keep in mind is which is the safest and easiest purchase where it could be online or retail.

Online shopping and its benefits:

Online shopping is where we can purchase a service using platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart and many other platforms.when  a customer avails the online platforms,it should comfort the customers.

When a customer purchases or sells a service,he or she will look for convenience and time saving,the online platforms are super easy time saving.

The next stuff that pokes the eyes are the offers and discounts,hence the customer will benefit at the best prices.

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These days no one carries cash,but all are  online transactions which are easily made for customers.and also these online platforms ensure the safety of the bank accounts through one time password.

The one thing we all look into is the variety of products and services that online platforms comfort.

Retail shopping and its benefits:

Retail shopping where we can purchase and sell the service in the stores.likely hypermarkets,shops, supermarkets, e-commerce stores, warehouses and other retail shops.

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Every customer would like to try the products,hence retail shops perform that.

retail shops provide in-store shopping options for those who like to shop.

It provides the benefits of matching the price with online shopping ,so that we can estimate the savings.

Retail shops provide a variety of products with savings discounts that make shopping easy.

And also a customer seeks the quality and quantity of the products,where we can avail the benefits from retail stores.

The dark side of retail shops and online platforms:

The first thing that everyone likes is that shopping is convenient,easy and time saving,but none of us think about the disadvantages.

However,online shopping makes it easy with a variety of discounts,the delivery of expired products, damaged items, products which do not meet the quantity ,less quality,sometimes the change in prices,non returnable and also other problems.

Unlike online platforms, retail stores are not clearing expired products where as to see them before purchasing ,not clearing old stock but selling them for lowest prices.


Both retail shopping and online shopping has pros and cons,but most of the people prefer online instead of instores to save their time and also it provides great shopping experience.hence retail shopping is one of the safest way of purchasing.but in online shopping has a high risks of fraudulent and security issues.

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