Poor Pitch Spoils the Nawabi Heritage 

A lot of questions were raised on the pitch of the Ekana Stadium in the India vs New Zealand match on Sunday. All the spectators and players said that this pitch is not only for T20, this pitch cannot be called even for ODI because there are so many cracks on this pitch and there is so much grass at some places that no one can use the pitch.  Can’t guess.  That’s why the match was very low scoring and not a single six was hit in the entire match.  The match was so boring that the spectators started walking out in the middle of the match.

The last time when India vs South Africa ODI was held at Ekana Stadium, even then the match was very low scoring, but the reason for that was attributed to the rain.  There was a lot of rain in that match and after that rain the match was reduced to 40 overs so no questions were raised by the pitch curator, but in this match everything was recorded in the camera due to which the pitch curator  had to listen a lot and lost his job.

Even after this, the stadium management has not spared the pitch curator and has sought his answer as to why the maintenance of the pitch was not done and if the answer is not satisfactory, then the pitch curator will be fined from ₹ 50000 to ₹ 100000.  May have to give.

What expert says 

Cricket experts say that no work has been done on this pitch for at least 3 months.  Nor has the water been released properly.  The image of Uttar Pradesh is very bad in India anyway.  In such a situation, the deterioration of the pitch of Ekana Stadium, which is the pride of Uttar Pradesh, is not a good thing for the branch of Uttar Pradesh.


After seeing the condition of the pitch, the Indian players and the BCCI will not think of holding matches in Ekana very often.  The stadium management should have taken care of all these things, how the pitch is made, whether a T20 match is possible on it.  Making too much pitch can also be harmful for the ground but at least if you can pay attention to it then pay attention to it because it is very wrong that if an international match is happening on the ground  The condition should be good.

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