Post West Bank Raids, Israel and Gaza come to direct conflict, fire rockets at each other

Just 24 hours after Israel carried out a raid on the West Bank of Palestine, the Gaza fighters launched several rocket attacks on Israel, following the incident Israel also did many air strikes against the Gaza militants. 

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The raid which Israel did on the West Bank was the deadliest raid of the past 2 decades, killing 9 Palestinians. This act soared the enmity among the two groups. 

On Friday, a Palestinian gunman opened fire against the Israelis, and killed 7 innocents. The world was shocked after this heinous tragedy, and there is a state of tension in the Middle-East as they are afraid of a possible very harsh counter attack from the Israel forces. 

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to avenge the deaths of the innocent which is the clear depiction of what plans they have against the militants of Gaza. 

Palestinians celebrate the terrorist attack against  Israel

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In a very shameful scenario, Palestinians were seen celebrating, dancing and distributing sweets after a terrorist attack on a synagogue in Israel. 

These visuals were very disturbing and agitating, and hence have received criticism globally. 


The horrendous acts of the Palestinians are maligning their image only, very soon people will lose sympathy for them and then they will only be supported for political interests. 

Talking about the conflict it is set to increase as days pass, but there is very less possibility of it turning into a full scale war.

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