The one sided narratives of the countries that assume themselves as the most superior class of  human society, always vows to outmaneuver any competitive ideology that challenges their hegemony. 

Over the years, we are going through an ideological subversion, which has lead to the setting of a stereotype that, anything that is evil to the west is evil to all, and the things that are good for the west are good for all the world. The books, magazines, and other journalistic literature are mostly filled with the western narratives only. 

These all antics have produced some villains before us, these villains are the countries, institutions, peoples etc. who pose threat only to the western world only. We are often criticized and even mocked for supporting these peoples and countries. 

Some most popular propagated villains! 

Russia, India’s closest ally nation, which is always involved in tension with the west and is currently fighting a war against Ukraine is the prime victim of this narrative. The western world always accuses Russia of military aggression and of attacking other countries, despite the facts that the west also does the same in the Middle-East. 

India is made the subject of criticism when it supports Russia in the United Nations, and even for taking a neutral stance on the issues involving the West.

Russia had supported us on every difficult situation, be it a war or the matter of getting VETO power in the UN, hence Russia can not be said as a villain for us, still the west wants us to acknowledge the fact that Russia is an evil country only owing to the reason that Russia is not a friend of the west. 

Second person on the list is Saddam Hussein, late dictator of Iraq. 

Saddam who openly supported India on many major issues such as The Kashmir issue, defended the image of India in front of the world during the case of Babri Mosque demolition had quite a good relationship with India due to these reasons. 

India also had good trade relationship with Iraq during his tenure, India exported arms and other goods to Iraq and Indo-Iraq unity was a great example of harmony and brotherhood.  But, in this case also the west expected us to take a stance against Saddam Hussein due to the same reason that he had enemity with the West. 

When Saddam Hussein was blamed of making WOMDs and Iraq was invaded by the US and the British, it was India who supported him in the UN and once again became the subject of criticism for taking an independent stance. 

The western world spread propaganda and made the image of Saddam Hussein of a villain, though no such proof of WOMD was found from Iraq, even Donald Trump (former US President) criticised the scenario. 


Our External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar was very right when he said that, “Europe has to grow out of mindset that the world’s problems are not Europe’s problems but Europe’s problems are world’s problems.” 

We should also reduce our habit of patronizing and blindly believing on the things said by the western world. 

We should aknowledge that anyone who is good to us is good no matter how it treats others and the one evil to us is evil no matter how good is to others. 

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