Pros and cons of CM Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy

Pros and cons of CM Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy

Learn more about the CM of Andhra.

Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is a well-known politician in South India. What makes him different was that he defied INC & Sonia Gandhi and became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. His father late Dr. Y.S. Rajeshekar Reddy earned a good name when he was CM and the benefit reached Jagan.

Jagan’s 1600 km padayatra endeared him to the people of AP and also people did not forget his father’s contribution to society.  Recently he had a landslide victory catapulting him to the CM position.

Some people praise him and others denounce him so let’s analyze him.

YSR Congress under Jagan’s leadership has completed more than 3 years now.  He has pioneered social engineering and put the social structure on a strong pedestal and welfare. Among other things, it must be pointed out that he has fulfilled all the pre-poll promises made to the public. YSRCP G.S. Vijay sai Reddy mentions that ‘This government will always work for the welfare of the people.’

This was done despite the pandemic. When most of the economics staggered in the world at large Jagan managed to deliver his promises. Another thing he did was to DBT Direct Benefit Transfer. This has been the biggest and most effective step in India’s governance. This has also kept the middlemen and corruption away.

On the other hand, critics point out some failures. The worst is that he has been jailed for graft and none can put faith in him. The cine actor turned politician Chiranjeevi preferred to join Congress rather than YSRP stating that Jagan will go to jail again. This undermines Jagan’s shortcomings. He neither gives respect to his father’s colleagues nor brings them to his party. Consequently, they are sailing away from him. It would have been better if Jagan would have made arrangements for the old guard.

Jagan is not media-savvy and lacks the expertise to build a strong party or good government.

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