Queer representation finds a way in the hospitality sector: Going the DEI way

Queer representation finding a way to the hospitality sector turns out human productivity, is an enhancement of the labor force, and much more to realize


·        Queer representation

·        Shortcomings to face

·        Initiatives to a safer and more inclusive environment

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Surviving with differences is not easy. Striding through and sustaining is much more difficult. It has always been an upheaval for the less represented to find a strong foothold in society. Let alone, the concept of inclusivity is far from being realized in practical scenarios.

However, the hospitality sector among many is quite hospitable enough to make progress in representing queer people. This includes people from the LGBTQ community or homosexuals. According to newspaper reports, a restaurateur, Zorawar Kalra, founder and managing director of Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd is quoted saying, ” Being the second largest employer of human capital in the country, the hospitality sector must lead from the front and set a benchmark in this aspect.”

Human capital in any way is fuel for economic production activity. Its contribution towards the enhancement of services and businesses absolutely cannot be undermined. For a thriving industry like the hospitality sector that is identified as a benchmark of progress, incorporating queer representation is much sought after to it. A hotelier and petitioner challenging Sec 377 in the court named Keshav Suri emphasize more importance on the nature, skillset, and quality of work as compared to an individual’s sexual orientation. This is reflective of a better corporate atmosphere where queer representation may suffer less from insecurities and thwarted productivity.

Needless to say, of late, more privately owned firms and services are setting unconventional standards to meet productivity ends through CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility.  It is an extension of mere materialistic activities wherein certain aspects larger than life are carried out with a purpose to serve.

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Queer representation ensures no deserving talents remain unrepresented. Thus, firms are going the DEI way of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. This is further not easy to be immediately effective. Queer groups have their fair share of insecurities wherein they might feel a bit reluctant to readily open up. Yet, the availability of opportunities might make the process easier and better when they are provided with a favorable platform. Sessions, workshops, and discussions in full swing aided by the availability of adequate mental health facilities will just act as a cherry on top.

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