Here is a quick recap of Billionaires soul who bid goodbyes in 2022

Several eminent billionaires, tycoons, and torchbearers died last year and most at the age of 80, and nearly half of them were American citizens. many others who were entrepreneurs, and money managers who came to be known as “Orange Kings” and “The Sphinx”.

  • In countries like India, France, and Austria billionaires also passed away and lost their biggest tycoons in 2022.
  • Nine of them lived in their 90s mostly at the age of 80 and the youngest died at the age of 54. 
  • From India, the business tycoons passed away, one at the age of 64 and the other at 83.
  • In total 26 billionaires saddened and shocked us with their deaths. 

Among the deceased are Leonardo Del Vecchio, Clement Fayat, Fong Yun Wah, Donald Foss, Allan Goldman, David “Sandy” Gottesman, Heidi Horten, Edward “Ned”, Johnson III, Kim Jung-Ju, Herbert Kohler Jr, Rudy Ma, Dietrich Mateschitz, Pallonji Mistry, Michael Price, Julian Robertson, Vito Rodriguez Rodriguez, and Robert Toll. 

Here is the list that is still saddening our hearts given in chronological order they died, let’s have a recap to recall these souls : 

John Arrillaga 

Citizenship – U.S. 

Net worth – $2.6 billion 

Died – Jan 2022 at the age of 84 

He bought farmland in the 1960s which was later converted into office parks. More than five decades ago he patterned with Richard Dick Perry to build offices around silicon valley and that gave him a way to be called a silicon valley real estate billionaire. 

In 2013 this billionaire made a $151 million pledge to Stanford, the numerous gifts from a living donor at the time. 

Quick recap to Billionaires soul who bid goodbyes in 2022
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Alberto Bailleres

From Mexico and died in February 2022 at the age of 90 including he leaving a fortune of around $8.6 billion net worth at his death to his family.  He chaired and controlled the department store chain Palacio de Hierro, insurance company Groupo national provisional pension fund manager group pro-Futuro. 

Bailleres was the fourth richest guy in Mexico at the time of his death The Mexican senate awarded him with the Belisario Dominguez medal,  the highest distinction bestowed to a citizen in 2015. 

Quick recap to Billionaires soul who bid goodbyes in 2022
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Industrialist Rahul bahaha at India today conclave in 2010 in Delhi 

(Photo by India Today Group / Getty Images) 

Rahul Bajaj

He was the grandson of bajaj group founder,  jamnalal bajaj. He became the emeritus one year before his death and took over the family business in 1994.

He was a member of the Rajya Sabha,  the upper house of the Indian parliament. Hid’s company went on the miles of 40 conglomerate companies when he was under the chairmanship. He was called the torchbearer of his family legacy. 

At the time of his death, bajaj was worth an estimated $ 8.2 billion,  According to billionaire rankings his company ranked at No. 302 in the world. 

Quick recap to Billionaires soul who bid goodbyes in 2022
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Pierre Bellon, chairman, and founder of Sodexo at the annual gala by the French institute (photo by AFP /Getty Images) 

Pierre Bellon 

He founded Sodexo, a catering company in 1966, and served his career as chairman 50 years after his daughter took over the company. Internationally expanded the company in 1971 as of 2021 served 100 million people in 64 countries.  Wrote two mesmerizing books: I’ve had a lot of fun: the Sodexo story in 2006, and the other book to serve and to grow published in 2019. 

He died in January at age of 92 and left with a net worth of $4.2 billion. 

Robert Brockman 

U.S. Citizenship Brockman died in august 2022 at the age of 81 leaving a net with at his death of $4.7 billion Amasa sed fortune and as a software engineer serving as the chairman and CEOReynoldsd Reynoldsnolds which sells software services to auto native dealerships. The biggest mastermind of sin. History in tax evasion case, accused of hiding $2 million income. He denied the allegations and died before the trial. He was also a seed funder billionaire for Robert F. Smith private equity.

Jose Luis central, chief executive officer of orange juice producer Sucocitrico cultural, arrives for a morning session of the Annual Allen & Company Sun Valley conon ference July 11, 2018; (photo by drewAngerer,  Getty Images) 

Jose Luis centrale

He came to be known as the orange king of brazil, founded the orange grower and exported sucocitrico cutracentrale to his father in 1967, and was the chief executive officer of sucocitrico centrale Ltda. The company grew to become the leading industry, serving clients including minute maid and simply orange. 

He died at age of 75 with a net worth of $1.3 billion with fellow Brazilian billionaire joseph Safra who he acquired from banana producer Chiquita brands international.  

Quick recap to Billionaires soul who bid goodbyes in 2022
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Rakesh jhunjhunwala, a highly et worthy investor and proprietary trader in Mumbai,  Maharashtra, India (photo by India tGroupgroup/Getty Images) 

Rakesh jhunjhunwala

Known as Warren Buffett and the big bull of India who died in august 2022 at age of 62 net worth at death was $5.8bikiom. 

His biggest asset at the time of his death was the watch and jewellery maker titan company. His portfolio also included one-time investments in tata motors and the rays from the crisis. He was full of life, indomitable, witty, and insightful. He started investing when he was in college with $100.  

Quick recap to Billionaires soul who bid goodbyes in 2022
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Lily Safra attends ISEF foundation 40th anniversary at international New York Barclay on May 11, 2017, in New York City ( Sylvain Goubary /Photo by Getty Images) 

Lily Safra 

She died at the age of 87 with a net worth of $1.3 billion. Sara chaired the Edmond j. Safra foundation was later founded by his banker husband Edmund afra who died in a fire in 1999 in their apartment in Monaco. The foundation donates to education, science, medicine, religion, and humanitarian relief organisations in 40 countries. Safra was born in brazil to Jewish immigrants to south America she also moveduruguaygaay at age of 17 before returning to brazil. 

Quick recap to Billionaires soul who bid goodbyes in 2022
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Fayez Sarofim, chairman, and president of Fayez Sarofim & co attend the Allen & Co media and technology conference in sun valley on July 8, 2011. (photo Getty Images) 

Fayez Sarofim

The citizen of the U.S. Died at the age of 93, with a net worth at death of $1.5 billion. A native Egyptian nicknamed “the sphinx” for his calm and mysterious demeanour. Sarofim immigrated to the  u.S. In 1964 

The interesting thing about his firm which he launched in his name Fayez Sarofim &co in 1985 with just $100,000; by 1969, he had held more than 400 clients and $1.2 billion under management. Now his company’s assets under managed top $30 billion under the leadership of his son Christopherarofimm. 

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