RSS’s Magazine: Organizer Accuse Digital Journalist for Conspiring against Adani

“The member of this cartel are Dhany, Rajendran, Akash Banerjee (@thedeshbhakt). Propagandists such Ajit anjum, Abhisar Sharma, Faye D Souza and Alok Joshi are also members of this cartel” RSS magazine wrote this in their article with so many other things while trying to prove that the allegations against Adani is just a propaganda by the left wing. According to RSS, these allegations are nothing but a conspiracy against Adani. They also said in their article that there is a website run by an Australian NGO just to defame Adani.

Organizer wrote that Hindenberg’s report is a well-planned attack against Adani. And by using that report, a cartel that includes Abhisar Sharma, Ajit Anjum, The wire, Alt News etc, is running a negative narrative against Adani. In their article, they also write that Aziz Premji runs an NGO, IPSMF which funds the propaganda websites Alt news, The wire, The caravan etc. And they also give them the name “digital sharpshooters.”

It’s another thing that they didn’t give any proof for any of their allegations. While making an allegation without any proof, they are calling a report conspiracy and well attacked, who write 106 pages report with proof and are ready to give more proof in future if needed. Will RSS give any proof of any allegations they are putting against these journalists? For them, they used words like “digital sharpshooter” and “propagandists” and also said they are part of a cartel. If RSS’s allegations are true why the Adani group hasn’t filed any case yet? Are they planning to go to court or are they going to prove themselves innocent just on social media with PR campaigns? 

It’s also important to know that in the reply to 106 pages report, the Adani group sends a 400+ pages document in reply. Instead of that 400+ pages document, investors choose to trust 106 pages report, which tells who is more credible in the eyes of investors. Even if they are not going to court, how are they going to win back the trust of investors? Do they have any plans for that? All those PR campaigns will not get them anything? With PR campaigns they can only clear their image in eyes of the general public, not the investors. 

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