Shape-shifting Robot; China witnesses a new technology developed by the Scientists

Chinese scientists develop shape-shifting robot - Technology Times
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The world has witnessed a wide variety of robots but this is the first time in History. A research team in China, led by scientists has given life to a shape-shifting robot. The T-1000, shapeshifting Robot has come up only in the 1991 film.

During that time, it was a matter of wonder and surprise for the scientists guessing in mind, if this will ever become reality. The scientists in China have shown the world that it is possible in reality, the actual shape-shifting robot. It has come to the world after a span of 30 years.

This Robot can change the state based on situations, this shows that, unlike other Robots, this has much more functionality. It can shift shape and carry heavy loads. The study was conducted by scientists at Hong Kong, Chinese and American universities who worked together on this, it was published in the Journal “Matter” The Robot was created with various kinds of metals that had a low melting point. The findings made by the scientists are put up in the Journal.

It is the first time in History, that a robot has been created that can change its shape and carry heavy loads. It is indeed a great breakthrough in the history of Technology as this is the first time where a robot is created with a design of both shape-shifting and strengths. When the robot is in the liquid state, it can be elongated, can merge and also can slide through the bars after the context is changed, it can change back into its normal state, which means that it transforms back into a solid. This is indeed a benefit to mankind as it can carry loads and get through all the spaces and also reach unreachable places for humans. It can be used in different professions like biomedical and electronics. Thus, the possibilities are endless.

What does the detailed study on this technology say?

This shape-shifting robot can melt through bars just like the T-1000 in  Terminator 2 | Euronews
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The study detailing this breakthrough has been published in the Journal Matter. It describes the process of how microscopic materials get embedded into liquid metal and how these particles are heated and cooled by each metal used based on adjusting the magnetic functions. A video of the Robot changing its shape was also released by the Researchers who conducted the study.

 The study shows, a small robot locked up in prison and after a few moments it is seen melted on the ground which sounds similar to the T-1000 in Terminator 2. It came out of the cell, by increasing its temperature and the same robot regains its shape by cooling down after it comes out of the cell.

In conclusion, this new development is a breakthrough in the history of technology, indeed a very great beneficiary to mankind. It reaches places where humans cannot, in taking objects and other such herculean tasks.

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